1337x Proxy list and unblocked Mirror Sites : . Few Months ago accessing torrent is not a big task . people were easily downloading there favourite movies games , softwares etc. for free from torrent . Now Accessing torrent has become a big task as government and local isp has blocked the torrent sites as these sites were providing paid movies, softwares and games etc for free which is illegal. 1337x proxy list.

1337x is one of the popular torrent site which is now blocked so if you are one of those who are willing to access 1337x site via 1337x proxy then this post is for you.

Why 1337x is Best Torrent Site

1337x is best torrent site because it provides all the latest apps , games , movies ,videos etc to its visitors. Also the speed of this site is very fast as compared to other rorrent sites. The database of 1337x is updated daily. It is the best site for downloading files as the speed of the download depends upon seeders and leechers. The more seedres and leechers , the more downloading speed.

What are seeders and leechers

Seeders are basically the people who upload and download the files on torrent . The download speed of any file depends upon the seeders. if your internet speed is high and downloading files taking time then the file you are downloading has less seeders that’s why it is taking too much time to download .

What is Proxy

Proxy is a computer code or a dedicated server running on a pc that acts as AN go-between between AN endpoint device similar to a pc . and another server from that user . A proxy server intercepts all client requests . and provide responses from its cache or forwards the request to the real server.Proxy servers are used for several purposes. If it is used as a caching web proxy, it can dramatically improve performance of a web response. When a request is made by a client, a caching proxy returns response directly from its cache if the document already exists.

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What is 1337x Proxy

1337x Proxy is basically a mirror site which is created by 1337x torrent developers to just keep their identity safe. As there are many 1337x proxy on the internet now , and Internet Service Providers and Government doesnot know much about them and hence they cannot be banned anytime soon.


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