Best Mileage Bikes under 50000 in India 2022

Best Mileage Bikes under 50000 in India: Nowadays the price of Petrol in India is increasing day by day. Due to which many people are not happy with their bikes as their bikes are not giving good mileage figures. If you are planning to buy a new bike and mileage is your first priority then this post is for you. In this post, we will tell you about the best mileage bikes under 50000 in India 2022.

All these Bikes listed in this post are not ranked 1 to 7, They are included in this post according to their Reliability, Performance and Spare parts availability and of course, the Mileage which is the main priority here. You can buy any of these bikes as per your budget. We also recommend taking a test drive of all these bikes before making your choice.

Best Mileage Bikes under 50000 in India

Hero Splendor Pro

Best Mileage Bikes under 50000 in India 2022 hero splendor pro average

Hero Splendor Pro is the most selling bike in India due to its Bulletproof reliability and mileage. Another great thing about the Splendor pro is spare parts availability, Hero Splendor’s Spare parts are easily available in Market. The maintenance cost is almost nothing. It is the Best bike for those consumers who are looking for a budget bike with good fuel economy, performance and most reliable.

Engine: 97.2cc Single Cylinder

Power: 8.2 bhp / 8 Nm

Mileage: – 90 kmpl

Price: – 49,000 to 53,000 approx (Ex-showroom Delhi)

TVS Sport

Best Mileage Bikes under 50000 in India tvs star sport

TVS Star Sport is also a great choice in this segment, also it is the best looking bike in this segment. The TVS Sport is also a reliable bike and spare parts availability is also good. It is perfect for those consumers who want to buy a stylish bike which offers great mileage.

Engine: 99.7 cc Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke Duralife

Power: 7.4 bhp / 7.5 Nm

Mileage: – 95 kmpl

Price: – 38,500 to Rs 48,500 approx (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Hero Splendor ismart

Best Mileage Bikes under 50000 in India splendor pro ismart

Hero Splendor ismart is also a good option in this segment. This is a commuter segment bike that is equipped with ismart or i3s technology. Which reduces the fuel consumption of fuel when Bike is in the start condition but not moving like traffic conditions. i3s technology automatically stops the engine when it stops at 3 seconds and stops and the engine starts again when you leave the clutch. Thereby saving fuel. The company is claiming the fuel average of 102.5 kmpl with this bike with ismart technology. Its price is slightly higher than 50,000 but you will get a better product by paying this extra amount.

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Along with this, Hero has developed dual paint scheme in this bike to make it different from other splendor series bikes. Which makes it extremely stylish. Engine: 97cc Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke

Power: – 7.6 bhp & 8 Nm

Mileage: – 102.5 kmpl

Price: – Rs 51,500 to Rs 54,500 approx (ex-showroom Delhi)

TVS Star City Plus -best mileage bikes under 50000

TVS Star city plus is known for its refinement and comfort. Another great thing about this motorcycle is its mileage. The TVS Star City is capable to give up to 86 kmpl. As far as price is concerned, the star city plus starts from Rs. 46,053 Ex-showroom Delhi. It powers by a 110cc displacement motor that produces 8.4PS of power at 7,000rpm and 8.7Nm at 5,000rpm. The engine of the bike is paired with a 4-speed constant gearbox. The bike is available in 5 Variants, the top-end variant is Kargil edition which is just introduced by TVS in Indian Market. Moreover, the Alloy Wheels comes as standard in this particular motorcycle.

Variants of TVS Star City Plus

  • Drum Kick and Alloy- Rs. 46,053
  • Dual Tone – Rs. 52,067
  • Special Gold Edition – Rs. 52,382
  • Ecotrust – Rs. 52,907
  • Drum Self and Alloy – Rs. 53,399
  • Kargil Edition – Rs. 54,399

Power: – 8.4ps & 8.7 Nm

Mileage: – 86kmpl

Price: – Rs 46,053 to Rs 54,399 approx (ex-showroom Delhi)

Bajaj CT100

Bajaj CT100 is the cheapest and one of the most selling bikes by Bajaj in India. Another great reason to buy this particular bike is the trust of Bajaj. It sits behind the platina and buyers who are tight in budget and want to save some money then you should consider this bike.  It powers by a 99cc engine which produces  8.2PS of power and 8Nm of torque. The Ct100 is capable to deliver up to 89KMPL mileage. If mileage is your main priority then this bike is for you. The only downside of Ct100 is its styling. However, the bike is now coming with Alloy Wheels as well. As far as price is concerned, it starts from Rs. 32,200 onwards ex-showroom Delhi.

Variants of Bajaj CT100

B – Rs. 32,200
Drum Kick and Alloy -Rs. 36,386
ES Alloy -Rs. 42,037

Power: – 8.2ps & 8 Nm

Mileage: – 89 kmpl

Price: – Rs 32,200 to Rs 42,037 approx (ex-showroom Delhi)

Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Platina is one of the best mileage bikes under 50000 in India as of now. The bike sits above the CT100 and sells like hotcakes. The main highlight of Bajaj Platina is its mileage and comfort. It is power by a 102 cc Engine which produces power of 7.9 PS @ 7500 rpm and ‎8.34 Nm of torque @ 5500 rpm. Bajaj Platina is capable to deliver up to 90KMPL fuel economy easily. The bike is available to purchase in two variants kick Start and Electric start. However, we will recommend you to go with Electric Start variant which costs almost Rs. 5,000 more than Kick start variant and the convenience of electric start is must nowadays. The bike prices start from Rs. 40,5oo Ex-showroom Delhi.

Variants of Bajaj Platina

Kick Start – Rs,40,500 (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Electric Start – Rs. 47,405 (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Power: – 7.9ps & 8.34 Nm

Mileage: – 89 kmpl

Price: – Rs 32,200 to Rs 42,037 approx (ex-showroom Delhi)

TVS Radeon – Latest and one of the best mileage bikes under 50000

The TVS Radeon is the latest bike by TVs under Rs. 50,000 segment. The main highlight of Radeon is its simplicity, it looks very simple and follows the same design as other TVS bikes. It powers by a 109.7cc engine which produces 8.4 hp of power @ 7000 rpm and 8.7 Nm @ 5000 rpm. The price of Radeon starts from Rs.48,400 Ex-Showroom Delhi. It comes in only one variant which gets Alloy Wheels, electric start, tubeless tyres etc. It is capable to return up to 69KMPL fuel economy in city driving conditions. If you are looking for a simple and low-maintenance bike then TVS Radeon is for You.

Variants of TVS Radeon

STD- Rs. 48,400 (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Power: – 8.4 hp @ 7000rpm  & 8.7 Nm @ 5000 rpm

Mileage: – 69 kmpl

Price: – Rs 32,200 to Rs 42,037 approx (ex-showroom Delhi)

That’s it in this post of top 7 best mileage bikes under 50000 in India. Also, we recommend you to take a test drive of all the bikes listed in this post and then decide which one is best for you. All the bikes listed in this post are almost similar to each other and equally value for money and you can go with any of the bikes with eyes closed. If you have any question please write down in the comment section.

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