How to find vehicle owner by number

how to find vehicle owner information via mobile app online identfy owner name mobile number and car vehicle bike details

find vehicle owner by number : If you are worried about daily parking problems or someone parks their vehicle in front of your vehicle and later on you faces problem to find the owner of that Vehicle then this post is for you. Iin this post we are going to tell you ” How to find vehicle owner by number “. Sometimes the situation arises when the vehicle is parked incorrectly or any other problem happens. In such circumstances, we have to call the RTO office and some formalities have to be completed to find the owner details. Now You can find the Owner Details of a Vehicle within Few seconds from your smartphone.

Details which can be found

By entering a Vehicle Registration Number you can find the following details of that Vehicle:

  • Owner’s Name
  • Age
  • Registration City
  • vehicle Type
  • Model of the Vehicle
  • Registration Date of Vehicle
  • Engine Nmber
  • Chassis Number

How to find vehicle owner by number online for free and get full details

You can eaily find vehicle owner by number via RTO Parivhan Vehicle Registraryion App. This app allows you to find out the details of any vehicle registered under the RTO in India.

find vehicle owner by number easily online without going rto office owner phone and mobile number car registration number model details

  • First of All you have to Open Google Playstore in your Android Device.
  • Then you have to download and install RTO Parivahan Vehicle Registration App in your device.
  • After Installing , Open RTO Parivahan Vehicle Registration App.
  • Next you have to enter the number of vhicle you want to search in given search bar.
  • Tap on search.

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Benefits of Installing RTO Parivahan Vehicle Registration App

  • You can easily find the Details of Vehicle’s owner
  •  Find Information of Any vehicle : Two Wheeler , Four Wheeler or Three Wheeler
  • Verify and identify the real owner of the vehicle by your own.
  • Helps in Identyfing the Chasis Number , Engine Number etc while purchasing second hand vehicle.
  • Now you Don’t need to visit RTO office to get any information about the vehicle and owner.
  • Keeps a record of all your recent searches such that you can find which numbers you have searched in past.


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