MG Hector Service Cost, Maintenance Schedule and List of Centers

MG Hector Service Cost, Schedule and Maintenance: Morris Garages (MG Motors) has launched its Product MG Hector SUV in Indian Market in August 2019. Despite of being first product by Company, it has broken all the records.

In fact, After a few days of its Launch, MG Motors has received so many bookings that they had stopped taking new bookings for some time.

This all-new SUV competes with TATA Harrier, Kia Seltos cars etc in Indian Market. It is the Proper SUV with good Space and Premium Interior-Exterior build Quality.

MG has introduced the Hector with iSMART Next Gen Technology. This technology is very similar to the Hyundai Blue Link App Technology.

Through this technology You can Engine on/off the Car via App, Turn on/off AC via Mobile App, Control Car features via Voice etc many more features. Hector comes with Three fuel options Petrol, Petrol Hybrid and Diesel.

As we all know that MG Motors has just entered in Indian Market, And BeforePurchasing a New Car of this Price we have to keep in Mind its Service Cost, Schedule and Maintenance.

Also, If you are planning to buy MG Hector and want to know all about its Service and Maintenance then this post is for You. in this Post we will tell You about MG Hector Service, Maintenance, Schedule and MG Service Centers.

MG has just arrived in India, so the company will take some time to spread its Service network in the Whole Country.

However, MG has already opened its Service Centres across the country still there are some small towns left where the Service Station is yet to arrive.

If you are living in metro Cities Like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore Chandigarh, Hyderabad etc then the Service centre is not an issue for You.

MG Hector Service Cost, Schedule and Maintenance

Hector Service Schedule

  1. First Service – The first service must be done after driving the Car for 5100 Kms or 3 Months. In the First service, MG motors will do General Inspection of the car only.
  2. Second Service – The second service must be done after driving the Car for 10500 Kms or 6 Month. In this service, the MG service centre will do General Inspection, Wash the Car and check Tyre ALignment, Balancing and Rotation
  3. Third Service – The third service must be done after driving the Car for 19500 Kms or 12 Months – In the third service, MG may change First Engine Oil of Car.

After completing the First Three services, then you have to take your car for Service after every 12 Months or 20000kms whichever comes first- MyCarReviewer.

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list of mg hector service centers and locate mg service centers near me

Service Components Schedule

MG Hector ComponentService Schedule
Oil & Fluid Replacement
Hector Engine Oil (15W-40) 7.5 Litre21000 km or 12 month
MG Brake Fluid – Dot 441000 km or 24 month
Morris Garages Gear Oil (Transmission Oil – Manual) 75W90 – 3.25 LitreFirst at 40.5K Kms then every 90.5K Kms. No need to change Gear Oil in Automatic
MG Hector Engine Coolant 9 Litre (40:60)62000 km or 36 Month
Power Steering Oil – 1.6 Litre1 Lakh Km or 36 Month
Hector Axle Oil (in 4×4 Wheel Drive)81000 Km or 48 Month
TyresEvery 25000Kms
Oil Filter20500 Km or 12 month
AC Pollen Filter20500 Km or 12 month
Pre Sediment Fuel Filter Cartridge20500 Km or 12 month
Air Filter41000 Km or 24 Month
Fuel Filter61000 Km or 36 Month
Air Purifier Filter60-70 Months
Tyres, Belt
Alignment, Balancing20000 Kms
Tyre Rotation10000 Kms
Timing Belt, Tensioner BeltEvery 1.5 Lakh Kms

MG Hector Service Components Cost and Maintenance

Approximate Prices of All Filters and Oils

Air Filter990
oil Filter380
Fuel Filter2500
Brake and clutch oil400
Engine Oil2950

MG Hector Service Station Expected Cost

Total2nd Service

Rs. 5950(Approx)

3rd Service

Rs. 6800(approx)

4th Service

Rs. 10500(approx)

5th Service

Rs. 8400(approx)

Free/PaidFreeFree 1st Paid2nd Paid

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Total6th Service

Rs. 10300(approx)

7th Service

Rs. 11700(approx)

8th Service

Rs. 10600

9th Service

Rs. 12300(approx)

Paid3rd Paid4th Paid5th Paid6th Paid

Check out MG Service Centers List

If you are an MG Hector Owner, Please provide your feedback regarding the MG Hector Service Experience in Comment section Below.  In short, the overall service cost of MG Hector is at par with its Rivals like Tata Harrier, Kia Seltos and Jeep Compass. Overall it’s a great product to go with and You should not worry about its Service as the company is expanding its Service Network widely.

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