Qualcomm’s New Fingerprint sensor Launched , placed under display

Qualcomm is the world’s most popular smartphone processor manufacturing company, Now the company is ready to launch its new fingerprint sensor, This fingerprint sensor has been introduced recently which is specially made by keeping in mind the requirements of next-generation smartphones to be launched in future. Qualcomm also dropes the Sense ID name and placed the sensor inside the phone’s display which will now enable the user to unlock the smartphone just by tapping on a spot of the screen.

According to Qualcomm, this new fingerprint sensor will also work under the glass, display and metal also. This option will give opportunities to different manufacturers to make their product more unique and this will also give them a flexibility in placing the fingerprint sensor in different vivid positions. This fingerprint sensor is featured with Ultrasonic technology that helps in pervasive the sound waves through the metal and glass until the material is made up too thick sheets.

Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor is also able to scan up to 1200 μm of OLED display stacks, whereas the fingerprint sensors for glass can scan upto 800 μm of glass cover and upto 525μm of aluminium. Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor also comes with IP68 waterproof rating and this feature will enable you to use sensors in your waterproof smartphones under the water as well.
In Mobile World Congress held this week in Shanghai, Vivo displayed the modified variant of the Vivo X6 Play smartphone which uses the Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor which supports the display embedded fingerprint technology. Along with the new fingerprint sensor display, Vivo also released a video on facebook which explains the upcoming smartphone which is still unnamed but features this new fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm.
The smartphones which will feature the new fingerprint sensor will arrive in the markets by 2018 as there will be a series of testing the displays that will be conducted before it is made commercially.

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