Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets Under $50 of 2017 to gift in 2017

Being a Gadget geek, you have to keep yourself up to date with all the gadgets coming in the market ,on a daily basis, Apart from big gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc every consumer needs small gadgets too for their home or office use, so it is very difficult for a gadget geek to keeep an eye on small gadgets but is the website that will tell you about all the gadgets available in market. So this our list of Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets Gift fot Christmas 2017 under $50.

These gadgets are budget gadgets which can be used to fulfill your small wishes like playing music, watching videos etc and you can also purchase these gadgets to gift your dear ones on their birthdays or christmas. Following is the list of 3 Best Gadgets UNDER $50 :-

Top 5 Best Tech Gadgets Gift fot Christmas 2017 under $50

1. Amazon Echo Dot 

Amazon Echo Dot is a hands free speaker which can be controlled through your voice. Amazo Echo Dot connects with Alexa Voice Service to play music,to make calls, To send and receive messages, providing informations like news updates, sports scores, weather updates, and much more instantly. All you have to do is speak whatever you want to listen and it will play what you have asks for.
The Amazon Echo comes with seven microphones and with a beam forming technology which enables it to hear your voice from across the room even while music is playing on the device.  Amazon Echo Dot is  an expertly tuned speaker which means that it can fill any room with 360° immersive sound and the sound quality of this device is amazing. Whenever you want to listen something just say a simple word “alexa” and Echo Dot will respond you instantly within a second. If you have more than one Echo devices in your house or office , the nearest placed speaker will respond at a time. It is a very good Gadget if you want to buy a device which will fulfil your wishes like playing music, reading news, sports updates , weather updates etc it an all rounder speaker which operates through your voice and a very handy device.

2 .Google Chrome Cast Audio 
This mini device will take your music listening experience to another level, This small device will enable you to listen music anytime whenever you wanted,  just you have to plug in this device with any speaker and it will allow you to stream any of the google cast capable service, its a very good device at this cheap price point it is very handy and can be fitted to any speaker as well . The cost of this device is only $35.
3. Amazon Fire
There exist a huge competition between different tablets in market but this tablet Amazon Fire is not a best tablet but it is the cheapest branded tablet available in market today, This tablet will fulfill all your casual demands like playing casual games, watching youtube videos, browsing etc , this tablet is best value for money device int his segment at the price $50 it is just a steal deal.

4.Google Home Mini – Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker is the best device that we have selected in our List of Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas in 2017, it offers great value for money. Google Home mini is a perfect gift for someone who really likes to listen up songs. You can even run google assistant on that which will really help you in daily usages.It comes with great sound quality and overall built quality of the device is awesome. If your bidget is under $50 and you are looking for Best Christmas Gift then Google Home Mini Smart Speaker will be Your First Choice according to us.

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