Snapdragon 632 vs 636 Comparison Review, Performance, Differences

Qualcomm has introduced new Mobile Processor Snapdragon 632, 439 and 429 under its 600 and 400 series. All these processors will power the mid-budget segment devices. These newly debut platforms by Qualcomm come with improved performance, more battery efficient, powerful graphics performance and artificial intelligence capabilities.

As most of the buyers are confused between which one to buy. The latest Snapdragon 632 powered devices or snapdragon 636 devices which are on huge discount nowadays. In this post, we are doing a comparison Snapdragon 632 vs 636 to find out which is better.

The Snapdragon 632 is the most popular and powerful processor among these three new platforms. The Xiaomi Redmi 7 and Moto G7 are the upcoming latest smartphones which will be powered by Snapdragon 632 SoC.

The SD632 is the successor of SD625 chipset with improved performance, more battery efficiency and AI capability. It gets new features like 4K Recording and LTE.

Under the 600 series, Qualcomm has released Snapdragon 636 last year. The SD636 is the most powerful and most popular Chipset in this segment.

In this post, we are going to compare Snapdragon 632 vs 636. As both, the processor comes under Qualcomm 600 series and cost very similar. The devices coming with Snapdragon 632 Chipset are latest in the market and offers good value for money.

On the other hand, snapdragon 636 devices are already available in markets and companies are offering good discounts on these smartphones. According to team mygadgetreviewer, both are good chipsets, you can go with any of the two.

Snapdragon 632 vs 636 Comparison

featuresSnapdragon 636Snapdragon 632
Fabrication Process14nm14nm
CameraSingle: Up to 24MP Dual: 16+16MP Up to 24MP Dual: 16+16MP
GPUAdreno 509Adreno 506
Charging TechnologyQualcomm Quick Charge 4.0Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
CPU8x Kryo 260 CPU up to 1.8 GHz8x Kryo 250 CPU up to 1.8 GHz


CPU, GPU and Performance

The Snapdragon 632 is built on octa-core Kyro 250 CPU with a clock speed of up to 1.8GHz whereas Snapdragon 636 is built on octa-core kyro 260 CPU with a clock speed of up to 1.8GHz.

The overall CPU performance of Snapdragon 636 is better than Snapdragon 632. As SD636 gets Kyro 260 CPU which performs much better as compared to Kyro 250 found in SD632 processor.

However, in day to day usages, there is hardly CPU Performance difference between these two processors both are equivalent powerful in real-world usage.

snapdragon 636 vs snadragon 632 cpu performance kyro 260 vs kyro 250

Talking about gaming and other Performance, the Snapdragon 632 is coupled with Adreno 506 GPU whereas Snapdragon 636 is coupled with Adreno 509 GPU. The Adreno 509 GPU is more powerful as compared to Adreno 506. On Paper the overall Gaming performance of Snapdragon 636 is better than Snapdragon 632.

In Real World conditions both GPU performs almost the same, there are hardly any noticeable differences in Snapdragon 632 vs 636 GPU performance. The Snapdragon 632 gets LPDDR3 RAM configuration while Snapdragon 636 gets LPDDR4 configuration which is almost one level upper than Snapdragon 632.

Which one is better for Gaming

When it comes to gaming I can clearly say that Snapdragon 636 is better than Snapdragon 632. However, there are hardly any differences in casual gaming but the gaming you will notice that games playing in Snapdragon 636 powered devices will have lesser frame drops and lags as compared to Sd632.

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Benchmark Scores

In Our Testing, we have two smartphones one running on Snapdragon 632 and another on Snapdragon 636. Before Testing we have cleared all the caches, clear recent apps and then restarted both the devices.

In Antutu Total Snapdragon 632 powered device scores 102546 whereas snapdragon 636 powered device scores 115095. In Antutu CPU score Snapdragon 632 scores 52506 whereas SD636 scores 56169. Whereas in GPU score Sd632 scores 13845 while SD636 scores 20865.

On Geekbench Snapdragon 632 scores 1285 at single core whereas Snapdragon 636 scores 1342 in single core test. In Multi-core testing, Sd632 scores 4796 while sd636 scores 4914. In 3DMark Slingshot Extreme – OpenGL Snapdragon 632 scores 526 whereas Snapdragon 636 scores 930. Testing Vulkan, Sd632 scores 460 while sd632 scores 756.

Snapdragon 636 vs 632 Camera Comparison


The Snapdragon 632 is capable to support Up to 24MP Single Camera Sensor and Up to 13MP+13MP Dual Camera Sensor and 2x ISP.  Other camera features of SD632 includes Zero Shutter Lag, Optical Zoom, Real-time bokeh and Hybrid Autofocus. Whereas Snapdragon 636 is capable to support up to 24MP Single Camera and up to 16MP + 16MP Dual Camera Sensor.

SD636 features the Qualcomm Spectra 160 image signal processor as well as 2x Image Signal Processor. The Camera performance on the smartphone depends upon Brand to brand hardware. But SD632 does not feature Qualcomm Spectra 160 whereas SD636 does feature it. In terms of Camera SD636 is better.

Also keep in mind that Camera quality reflects on the brand to brand Camera hardware, which means in some smartphones SD632 Camera may deliver better camera clarity as compare to SD636.

In terms of photography, photos captured via Sd636 are much more brighten and colour accurate and the overall camera performance in low lighting conditions is also better.

Coming to the Video Department, The Snapdragon 632 comes with up to 4K UltraHD video capture @30FPS and up to 1080p video capture @120 FPS. It also supports up to 4K Ultra HD playback @30FPS. While Snapdragon 636 gets up to 4K UltraHD capture @ 30 fps, up to 1080p capture at 120FPS, and up to 4K UltraHD playback @ 30 fps.


Charging Technology

snapdragon 632 vs 636 which has better camera performance

The Snapdragon 632 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 whereas Snapdragon 636 supports Qualcomm quick charge 4.0. The Quick Charge support from Qualcomm is best charging technology as of now in smartphones.

The Quick charge 4.0 delivers up to 5 Hours of battery juice from 5 minutes of charge. Whereas Quick Charge 3.0 is slightly slower than 4.0. Also, Quick charge 4.0 is the next generation of Quick Charge 3.Nowadays Smartphones are equipped with much bigger batteries which also requires more charging time.

Such that fast charging technology plays an important role while buying a new smartphone    In terms of battery charging technology, Snapdragon 636 is a better performer.


The Snapdragon 632 comes with all new Qualcomm Snapdragon X9 LTE modem which gets latest connectivity technology. it supports up to 300mbps downlink speeds and up to 150mbps uplink speeds.

Whereas Snapdragon 636 gets X12 Modem which supports up to 600mbps downlinks and 150mbps uplinking speeds. Other connectivity features include Integrated 802.11ac multi-user, MIMO (MU-MIMO), Qualcomm® location Gen8C Lite, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE.

The X12 Modem performs much better as compared to X9 LTE modem. Both the chipsets Support for LTE Broadcast, LTE multimode dual SIM and VoLTE with HD Voice and SRCC. As far as bands are concerned, LTE FDD, LTE TDD, WCDMA (DB-DC-HSDPA, DC-HSUPA), TD-SCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA1x, and GSM/EDGE are supported.


redmi note 7 launched at 9999

Both the Chipsets are absolutely equally capable to Support FHD+ Display with a pixel resolution of up to 2160×1080 pixels. Also, both the processors support an aspect ratio of 18:9. In the display department, both are identical.

In real-world conditions, you will not notice any such difference between the displays. Also, the display of the smartphone depends upon the manufacturer to manufacturer but the overall screen quality of Snapdragon 636 is slightly better.

Other features

As we all know that Qualcomm has just introduced the Snapdragon 632 processor, so the devices coming with this chipset will be equipped with the latest technology and features. Nowadays the trend of the popup selfie camera is quite popular and many smartphone manufacturers are offering pop-up selfie cameras in their products.

Another new feature that most of the people are considering while buying a new smartphone is In-Display fingerprint sensor. However, the devices with Snapdragon 636 may not get this feature as this chipset has become quite old now so there are very fewer chances that brands will use this chipset in any new product.

So if you are planning to buy Snapdragon 636 smartphone, chances are you might not get these type of new features. Also, Both the chipsets support high-quality music playback with 192 kHz/24-bit, Dolby 5.1 support.

Snapdragon All Mode global/regional solutions with Qualcomm®, RF Front End solution, QFE2550 antenna impedance, a tuner for Qualcomm Signal Boost Antenna Boost, Aperture tuning etc. Other Audio Features include Qualcomm Aqstic™ audio technology, Qualcomm® aptX™ audio technology, Crystal clear VoLTE w/Ultra HD Voice (EVS).

Snapdragon 636 vs 632 Conclusion

snapdragon 636 vs 632 which is better in gaming performance and gpu

In Conclusion of ” Snapdragon 632 vs 636 “, we will advise you to choose a smartphone according to the price. The SD632 devices are the latest smartphones and offer good value for money like Redmi 7 whereas Sd636 is quite old these days and smartphones like Redmi Note 6 Pro, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Moto 1one Power are outdated devices which are offering this chipset.

There are hardly any such differences between Sd636 and 636 performance in real-world use. Finally, we can say that Snapdragon 636 is better chipset as compared to 632 but also take in mind that the cost of 636 is higher than SD632.

If you are a gamer and gaming is your first and only priority then you should go with Snapdragon 636 over sd632. Also, the connectivity option is better in Snapdragon 632 as compared to Sd636.

Qualcomm has also updated its modem and bands with the launch of Snapdragon 632 which means the overall efficiency of sg632 is better than sd636.

Another great thing about snapdragon 636 is charging technology if you are tired off charging your device again and again then go for Sd636 devices as they come with quick charge 4.0 which means devices with the massive battery will take less time to charge.

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