2 Ways To Watch YouTube Shorts On Desktop / PC

How to Watch Youtube Shorts on PC or Laptop: Smartphone users these days have become crazy about short videos. Many people kill their free time or entertain themselves by watching these short videos. These types of videos became popular after the inception of TikTok. After the launch of TikTok, many smartphone users started making trending dubbed videos and kept increasing their followers. But after Tik Tok got banned in India, a lot of apps were launched with the feature of short videos.

Following the same trend, popular social media platform Instagram also added “reel” as a short video feature to its application last year. Similarly, Google introduced this feature on its popular video streaming platform Youtube under the name “Shorts”. After the addition of this new feature on YouTube, many creators have garnered a lot of subscribers. However, this feature is limited to viewing on smartphones as of now. But if you are someone who streams YouTube using PC and wants to watch shorts too then this post is for you. In this post, we will show you How to Watch Youtube Shorts on PC. This type of video is in a vertical format such that you will not be able to view it on full screen when using the desktop version.

How to Watch Youtube shorts on PC/Laptop

Using Hashtag URL

steps to Watch Youtube Shorts on PC

Many of you might know that you can search for videos on YouTube using hashtags. For this, you just have to add the hashtag and the keyword you are searching for. By using this method you can watch and search all shorts videos on the YouTube platform via PC or Laptop.

  • First of all Launch Browser on your Pc and open Youtube.
  • then, in the URL section type “/hashtag/shorts” after youtube.com and press enter. Or simply paste this URL https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/shorts.

Now, You will see all the trending shorts and channels that are making shorts. Click on any and start watching.

Using Specific Searches

how to Watch Youtube Shorts videos on laptop

If you want to watch shorts from specific channels, categories or creators you can do so using the search method. This is a very easy and convenient way to watch Shorts on youtube. Here’s how you can do it:

Go to Youtube and Type “#shorts +#category name or #creater name and hit enter. For Example #shorts #technology, here the technology keyword is the category of shorts I am searching for.

After searching, you will see all the trending shorts or all the shorts from the creator in the searched category. Click on the video and start watching.

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How to Upload YouTube Shorts from PC / Laptop

upload Youtube Shorts videos on pc

If you are a creator and mostly upload videos through your PC or laptop then you need to know how to upload YouTube shorts through the desktop. As there is no specific option to upload shorts in YouTube Creator Studio. Such that many creators face problems and have to transfer their edited shorts video from their PC to smartphones and then upload it using the YouTube application.

Well, there is nothing special about uploading shorts from the desktop. All you have to do is create the video in Youtube Shorts format and upload it like a regular video.

Keep in mind that the duration of the video should not exceed 60 seconds and should be shot in a vertical position with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Apart from this, you can also add the #Shorts hashtag to include it in the YoutubeShorts category.

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