Jio to restrict free calling service of Some Users, How to Prevent Jio Sim from Getting Disabled

Reliance Jio Calling

reliance jio calling disable

Reliance Jio, the Unlimited Data and Unlimited Calls offering Service Provider . may disable or stop some of its services for some users. If you are using Jio Sim Card and taking benefits of Unlimited Calls . so there are some chances that your Jio free calling service may get Disabled soon. Read Full Article to know more.

Reliance Jio Calling or Unlimited Calls Disabled

Jio says that they have rights to disable Unlimited Calling service of the users. Also Jio is analysing the consumption of calling minutes of an User, Jio States that if a consumer is making more than 300 minutes calling in a day or over 3000 minutes a month , then he/she is using the connection for commercial Purpose , In this case your Unlimited Calls or Calling Service may get disables. If you are making calls of over 300 minute then Jio can check your connection summary. Jio has already stated this point in its terms and conditions for both postpaid and prepaid customers.

According to Jio , if a consumers uses Unlimited Free Calling service for Unauthorized telecommunication or as a commercial purpose , then free calling service will get stopped or get disabled or discontinue. However Jio has not yet stopped the calling service of any user but according to the terms and conditions of Jio it may get disabled for some users.

What to do to prevent calling service from getting Dis-abled

Those Users who are making calls over 300 minutes a day should minimize their usage . and there will be no changes in data if your calling service gets disabled . This news was first shared by NDTV

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