5 Best Hindi to English Translation Apps for android/iOS

Hindi to English Translation Apps: In today’s digital world, we do all the work like reading newspapers, online articles etc. Through our smartphones. Many of us find it difficult to read Hindi. As English is mainly used in digital works. Most people are very familiar with English when it comes to using a smartphone or any gadget. People of South India or people living in cities where Hindi is not used at all are not able to understand the paragraph or anything written in Hindi.

English translation is the best way to understand anything written in Hindi. Many translation applications are available on the Google Play Store or App Store. But many of these apps have too many advertisements and some apps have problems when translating certain words. If Hindi to English translation is one of your main concerns then this post can be helpful for you. In this post, we are sharing with you the Top 5 Best ” Hindi to English Translation Apps” for Android and iOS.

Top 5 Best Hindi to English Translation Apps for Android and iOS

Google Translate

google translator app download to translate hindi to english

Google Translate is the most popular translation app available for both Android and iOS platforms. Through this application, You can Translate between 103 languages by typing method. The Google Translate app has a popup feature which pops out when you copy the text in any app on your device and it translates the text with a single tap. In case you don’t have an active internet connection. Don’t worry, it also works offline. It also has camera mode, through which you can translate the Hindi text to English by taking a picture. Through this app, you can also do two-way instant speech translation.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Pros of Google Translate

  • Support up to 103 Languages.
  • No Ads.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Camera Mode feature to translate.

Cons of Google Translate

  • Size

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Hindi-English Translator App

top translators application in 2020

Hindi-English Translator is another Hindi to English Translation app. This app is developed by Klay’s Development and it is the lightest app for translation. The Size of this particular application is only 2.7MB. It is a free app which can translate English to Hindi and Hindi to English words as well as complete sentences. The app is very quick and easy to use. It only supports two languages Hindi and English such that it is very to use. Users can easily translate using Copy and Paste or through voice input. It also features various interface settings, History and a favourite option to save a particular word or sentence.

Download for Android

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Pros of Hindi-English Translator App

  • Very Small Size.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Very Quick.
  • Settings to Change Interface.

Cons of Hindi-English Translator App

  • Supports only Hindi and English language (need to install other apps to translate other languages).
  • Wrong Translation of Few Hindi Words.

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Hi Translate -Language Translator App Hindi to English

Hi Translate app for english

Hi-Translate is a free translator app available for both Android and ios platforms. It supports up to 88 languages including Hindi to English translation. It is a great application which can be applied to almost any application such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. For translation purposes. To use this feature, You have to drag the floating ball to the text or double-click the floating ball to translate the Hindi language into the English language. It also supports image translation as well.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Pros of Hi Translate

  • Supports 88 Languages.
  • Can be applied to most apps.
  • Drag feature to translate.
  • Image Translation option.

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Cons of Hi Translate

  • Very Heavy application in terms of size.
  • too many ads.
  • too many languages sometimes frustrate the user.

Microsoft Translator

hindi to english translations apps or android in 2020 microsoft app

Microsoft Translator is another popular app for translating Voice Speech, Text, Photos etc. The app is officially developed by Microsoft Corp. And supports 60+ languages. It supports text translation in over 60 languages ​​offline. And camera translation to translate text into photos and screenshots. The app also features two-way chat support which is very helpful for those people who want to chat with foreign people without knowing their language.

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Pros of Microsoft Translator

  • Support for 60+ languages.
  • Screenshot translation feature.
  • Easy to use.
  • 2-way Chat translation.

Cons of Microsoft Translator

  • Size
  • Wrong translation of a few words and sentences

Tranit – English Hindi Translation App

download translation apps for online tranlate

Tranit is one of the best Hindi to English Translation Apps which are available for both android and ios. It also has a drag translation ball feature through which you can translate the languages. The app supports 100+ local languages with automatic language detection. It automatically detects the source language and translates the text into the language. You need.

Download for Android

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Pros of Tranit App

  • Supports 100+ local Languages.
  • Automatic Language Detection and translation.
  • Drag Ball Feature

Cons of Tranit App

  • Show Advertisements
  • interface

That’s it in this post on Hindi to English Translation Apps. If you are facing issues in downloading any of the apps then please comment down below. All the apps included in this post are tested by our Team and are 100% working on both android and iOS platforms.

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