Top 5 Free SMS Apps for Android/iOS

If you are searching for Free Sms apps then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to tell you about. ”  Free SMS Apps ” for Android /ios to Send free messages to your friends, Family or Customers.

As we all know, In Today’s world everyone uses WhatsApp to send messages. But there are still many users who like to send SMS. As they are more reliable, fast and can be sent to non-smartphone users as well.

Also, the Sending and Receiving SMS does not require an active Internet Connection. The only downside of SMS is Charge. To send SMS from mobile phones network providers charge Rs. 1 (varies from network to network) or users have to opt for SMS plan with some limit of sending Sms. Such that people are considering Whatsapp and other apps for chat purposes.

Now you don’t need to recharge and subscribe to SMS plan again and again. Through these applications, you will be able to send free unlimited SMS without spending a single rupee and data.

If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman and need to send SMS to customers. Such that they get to know about your new products. Then you can also use these apps to send SMS to your customers without any charges.

In this post, we are talking about those free SMS apps which do not require an active internet connection to send SMS And free at cost Rs. 0 to send SMS. if you are using Wifi Connection then just download these apps through wifi and you are good to go. same applies to those users who are mobile data.

Top 5 Free SMS Apps 

Way 2 Sms

Way 2 Sms is the oldest and most reliable free SMS service provider. Earlier in 2009 to 2013 period, it was the only well known. And most trusted website which was used to send free SMS messages. To use way 2 SMS you just need to create an account using your mobile number, Email address and password. That’s it and you can send SMS to any phone number for free.

how to use way 2 sms free sms apps to send free messages

Now Way 2 SMS has also launched the Application which you can easily download. And install through google play store for Android users. And the app is also available for iOS users through the app store.

After downloading the app you have to sign up. Or if you are an old user then you can also sign up using your old details. To easily send SMS messages you can also link. Or add contacts in the app to send messages to your contacts. You can also send SMS to those people as well which are not in your contact list.

The SMS send to the people will also include your mobile number. If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman, you can also send as much SMS you can want the mobile numbers to promote your company and products.

Download Way 2 SMS 

Freaky SMS

The Freaky SMS is another Safe and secure free SMS app through which you can send free SMS messages to your friends and family member. The app is easily available on google play store and app store. Also, this application provides an easy user interface and users can easily send messages through this application.

The Freaky SMS also provide some great features like

  • schedule SMS for future delivery.
  • send SMS to another medium
  • secret SMS sending
  • quick call service
  • easy contact selection
  • voice message typing

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Users can also schedule SMS such that SMS will be sent to the receiver at a particular time. For business and entrepreneurs who do not want to share their phone number. And other details can use this app to send promotional SMS to the consumers.

Freaky SMS Download 


JustSMS is another Free SMS App available for android and ios users. The app is third in our list of top 5 free SMS apps. Because the user interface of this application is not as good as the other applications mentioned in this post.

Through this application, users can send free SMS to anywhere in India. After downloading and installing JustSMS application. You need to signup or if you are an old user then you just need to add login details.  The app requires an email address, phone number and your name to get registered. Users can send SMS from the contact list or by entering the phone number of the receiver.

Textra Free SMS App

Another Free SMS App for Android is Textra SMS app. The app is secure and safe to send sms from your smartphone. It is developed by a known developer company (Delicious Inc). And comes under the communication category of the google play store.

Textra Sms app is easy to use and the user interface of this application is also very easy. The only con of this application is that sometimes the SMS is not delivered to the receiver. And it notifies you whenever an SMS failed to send. Other than that the app is good to go.

Download textra App

SMS Text Messaging Texting SMS Free App

STMTS is another free application to send SMS messages. The app is only available for Android users. But non-smartphone or non-android users can also use this app through the desktop site. Through this service, you can send SMS to your contacts easily. And there are very fewer failures reported by users using this app.

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That’s it in this post of  Free SMS Apps to send Text messages. If you are facing any issues with any of the apps mentioned in this post then comment down below. And if you have any suggestions and queries regarding this post then comment down your questions in the comment section.

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