How to Book Uber Cab Using WhatsApp

Popular mobility platform Uber has now started offering its services through WhatsApp. Smartphone users can now access Uber services directly through WhatsApp without having to install the Uber app. Using this service, riders can now easily book cabs or Autorickshaws through the WhatsApp chatbot. Not only this, but riders will also be able to access driver information, location tracking and even cancel rides through the chatbot. In this article, we will show you How to Book Uber cab using WhatsApp. However, this chatbot service is currently available only in Lucknow and will soon be introduced in other states as well. In addition, the service is available to all existing and new users who register using their phone numbers.

Book Uber Cab Using WhatsApp

This is a very simple method, all you need is your WhatsApp number linked with your uber account. Apart from booking cabs, you can also book Uber Autos, get driver details, track rides and much more.

book uber ride through whatsapp

  • First of all, Launch Whatsapp on your Smartphone and Send ‘Hi’ to +91 7292000002 (Uber Whatsapp Number) or you can simply scan the QR code on the Uber website by visiting this link.
  • then,  you will receive an OTP on your mobile phone, copy and paste into the chatbox.
  • After entering the OTP, it will ask you to enter your pickup location.
  • Now, you have to send your accurate location using the WhatsApp inbuilt live location feature.
  • then, it will ask you to confirm your pickup location.
  • After confirming the location, you need to enter the drop off location.
  • In the next step, you can either change, cancel the request or confirm the ride to find and start your trip.
  • Wait for a while, and you will receive an update of your ride confirmation with the fare and the estimated time of arrival.
  • After receiving the details you will receive ride detail along with the option to cancel the ride or get emergency help from uber.

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However, your payment method will be cash only for trips booked through WhatsApp. That’s all in this post of How to Book Uber Cab using Whatsapp. If you have any questions/suggestions, write them down in the comment section below. We are coming up with more Uber tips & tricks like this, till then stay connected.

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