How to Change/Activate/Deactivate or Set Caller Tune in Vodafone Number

If you are a Vodafone subscriber and bored with that old ringing sound ” tring tring” and want to give your callers the taste of your personality then, this post is for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about how to “set caller tune in Vodafone number”.

By setting the caller tune of your choice, your callers will able to understand your personality. Another amazing fact about setting caller tunes is that, Sometimes a caller calls you and you are unable to answer the call immediately because you have not heard or feels the ring of your phone (as your phone ringtones are not that much loud in noisy areas and mobile phones takes time to boost the ring volume).

In such cases, the caller feels that you are busy or you will not be answering, so they disconnect the call before getting hangup. In those cases, Hello tunes or caller tunes entertains the caller while calling you, such that they do not disconnect the call very quickly or wait until the call is automatically disconnected.

Vodafone Callertune Activation Charges:

  • For users who are subscribing Caller Tune for the First Time have to Rs 36 Rental Per Month and Extra Rs. 15 Per Callertune Per 90 Days.
  • Users who have already subscribed to Vodafone Callertune Rental have to pay Rs.15 per Callertune For 90 days.
  • Rs. 15 will be charged every 90 days for Callertune selection.

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