Vodafone Postpaid Plans Prices and Full Details in 2021

Vodafone Postpaid Plans: Nowadays postpaid plans have become cheaper and most of the users are preferring postpaid over prepaid. Planning to buy a new postpaid connection and confused which network to opt for then this post can be helpful for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about all the details about Vodafone Postpaid Plans in 2021. Vodafone is one of the most popular network providers in India. The Internet Speed and network coverage of this particular network is at par with airtel and far superior as compared to Jio Postpaid.

Vodafone is offering two types of postpaid plans. One is for the individual person only. Whereas the other one is for multiple connections with a single subscription. The multiple connections is basically a single subscription for family members consist of the primary member and other members. There are three different multiconnection plans and three different individual Plans are on offer by Vodafone as of now.

Vodafone Postpaid vs Prepaid

As the name suggests postpaid means pay the bill after using the service. On the other hand, In Prepaid Users have to pay first and then use the service. Earlier Prepaid Connection users have to recharge their SimCard to get the services. While in Postpaid Connection users have to pay according to the usage. But now users have to choose the plan according to their usage and pay according to it in both the cases. The difference is that in prepaid you have to recharge first. While, In postpaid, you have to pay according to the monthly bill cycle.

Pros of Postpaid Over Prepaid

  • Price– Nowadays, the postpaid plans have become cheaper, most of the network providers are providing unlimited calls and SMS within the plan. This makes postpaid plans a better package over the prepaid.
  • Monthly Bill Cycle– In postpaid, users have to pay the bill after using the services which mean You do not have to recharge frequently and pay according to the bill.
  • Multiple Connections Option– In Vodafone Postpaid, you get multiple connection plans option. These plans can be shared with family members according to the usage and number of connections. It is a proper value for money package for multiple users.

Cons of Postpaid Over Prepaid

  • Plan Change– In postpaid, you have to select a plan according to your usage and there is a time limit for changing the plan.Whereas in prepaid there is no time limit of changing the plan as you can recharge according to your usage. And there are high charges on downgrading the postpaid plans(depends on bill cycle).
  • High Bills- As you have to pay later, there are some hidden charges and extra usages occur which results in the high bill. Such type of bill related problems is not present in prepaid connection.

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Vodafone Postpaid Plans Details in 2021 with Price

Postpaid Plans for Me(individual)

vodafone basic postpaid plans fin 2020

Rs. 399 Plan 

It is the cheapest and basic postpaid plan currently offer by Vodafone in India. The plan offers Unlimited Calls, 40GB Data, Unlimited National Roaming and 100 SMS/ Month. Moreover, the plan also offers Free Vodafone Play Subscription (for streaming music) for 1 Year worth Rs.499. Complete Mobile Insurance worth Rs. 999 along with this pack. There is a 200GB Rollover limit on the offer. Rollover limit is basically a limit set by Vodafone which includes the unused data which can be used by a user in next month. This pack is suitable for those users whose data consumption is low and requires unlimited calling.

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Rs. 499 Plan

In 499 Plan, you will get all the benefits with 399 plan + 1 Year Amazon Prime. Instead of 40GB Data, You will get 75GB Data Monthly. This plan is suitable for those users whose data consumption is medium approx(2.2 GB/Day) and loves to watch Tv Shows and Movies as you are getting Amazon prime and Zee5 Premium Subscription with this plan.

Rs.1099 Plan or VIP RED X Plan

vodafone redx plan full details and price

The REDX Plan is the most premium plan by Vodafone in India as of now. The Plan offers Unlimited Data, 7 Days IRoam Pack Worth rs. 2,999 (once a year), ISD calls to UA & Canada @ 50p/min, UK @ Rs3/min: special rates to 14 countries. By Subscribing to this pack Users will also get access to International & Domestic airport lounges at no extra cost 4 times per year (including 1 International).

For Entertainment, Users will get 1 year Netflix Subscription on their TV & Mobile, worth Rs.5988 per year + 1 year Amazon prime Subscription  + 1 Year Zee5 Subscription.

Vodafone claims that Subscribers who will Subscribe REDX Plan will get up to 50% faster speed with this plan. And Priority help through Vodafone Premium customer service. It is the most value for Money Vodafone Postpaid Plan for those users who requires Unlimted Data, Calls and Subscription of popular streaming services.

Plans for Me and My Family (Multiple Connection)

Vodafone offers Unlimited Calling, 100 SMS/Day and National RoamingStandard for all the Multi connection Postpaid Plans. Moreover, for entertainment subscribers will also get 1 year Amazon Prime Subscription worth Rs.999, 1 Year Zee5 Subscription worth Rs. 999 and 1 Year Vodafone play subscription worth Rs.499. Additionally, Users will get Complimentary Mobile Insurance worth ₹ 3,000.

vodafone family connection details and features how to subscribe

Rs. 649 Plan (2 Connections plan)

The Rs.649 is the basic multi-connection plan currently on offer by Vodafone. Only 2 Members can subscribe to this plan and enjoy the benefit of unlimited call and 100 SMS/Day. In Multi Connection, members are divided into two categories 1) Primary member and 2) other members. The primary member will get 50GB whereas another member will get 30GB Data per month by subscribing to this pack. Subscribers will also get Amazon Prime and Zee 5 Premium Subscription with this plan.

Rs. 799 Plan (3 Connections Plan)

In 749 Plans subscriber will get the standard benefits + 120GB Data out of which Primary Member will get 60GB Data whereas the other two members will get 30GB Data each.

Rs. 999 Plan (5 Connections Plan)

The 999 Plan is the most value for money Vodafone Postpaid Plan as it can be shared between 5 Members. It offers all the standard benefits + 200GB Data out of which Primary Member will Get 80GB and other Members will get 30GB Data each. If you are a family of 5 and want to subscribe to a pack with unlimited calling and approx 1GB Data a Day then this plan is perfect for you.

Rs 1348 RedX Family Plan

Voda has newly added RedX Plan for 2 Connections at Rs 1348. The Plan offers Unlimited data, Voice Calls and 100SMS per month. Apart from this, you will also get RedX Plan Benefits like Free access to International & Domestic Airport lounges, 1 Year Netflix Subscription worth Rs 5988, 1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription, Annual Zee5 Membership etc.

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