Reliance Jio 5G Postpaid Plans in 2023

Planning to buy a new postpaid connection? There are many network providers in India that provide postpaid services in India. Reliance Jio offers the cheapest prepaid and postpaid plans to its subscribers. The postpaid plan has many benefits as compared to the prepaid plan, there is no need to maintain a Talktime balance and you also get to subscribe to several OTT apps. Jio has recently launched New Plus plans which include subscriptions to many OTT apps as compared to regular plans. In this post, we are sharing the details of Jio Postpaid Plans 2023 and the best offers. Currently, the company is offering One Regular Plan and 5 Plus Plans.

Reliance Jio Postpaid Plans 2023

JioPostpaid Regular  Plans

Rs 199 Basic Plan

MRP                                                        199

Pack validity (days)                               Bill cycle

Total data (GB)                                      25GB

Data at high speed                               25 GB, thereafter Rs 20/GB

Voice                                                       Free (Truly Unlimited)

SMS                                                         Unlimited (100/Day)

Jio Apps                                                  Complementary Free Subscription

The Jio 199 Postpaid plan offers Free Unlimited Voice Calling and 25GB Monthly Data which can be further expanded by paying Rs 20 per GB. The SMS limit is 100 per day and you will also get a complimentary subscription to all the Jio Apps like JioSaavn music, JioTV etc.  Users can also take advantage of setting Jio tune for Free.

This particular postpaid plan is billed monthly depending upon your bill cycle. Users who want ISD services can also take Jio Global ISD Pack along with the Jio Postpaid plan at Rs 501 with a validity of 28 days and Rs 551 ISD talk time. Users can also take advantage of international roaming by subscribing International Roaming Pack starting from Rs 575 onwards.

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The Rs 199 Jio Postpaid plan offers a lot at such a low price. Service providers like Airtel and Vodafone are not even close to this price figure. The Vodafone Postpaid plans start from Rs 399 onwards whereas Airtel postpaid plans start from Rs.499 onwards.

Jio Postpaid Plus Plans 2023

Jio is offering many benefits on its PosptpaidPlus Plans. All the PostpaidPlus subscribers will get a free Netflix Mobile Subscription, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hoststar VIP subscription Free.

Subscribers can also enjoy free international roaming, In-Flight connectivity and unlimited free Roaming in the USA and UAE at Rs 1499. Apart from this users will also get Premium Call Centre Service and a complimentary Jio Apps Subscription by subscribing to these packs.

Rs 399 Pack

The Rs 399 plan is the cheapest and most basic pack under JioPostpaid Plus Service. The Plan offers 75GB of Data, Unlimited Local + STD calls and unlimited SMS (100/Day). This plan offers Data Rollover of up to 200GB. The Rollover limit is a limit set by Jio which includes the unused data of the current month, which can be used next month.

The Plan also offers Free international roaming, In-Flight connectivity and an OTT app subscription to All Jio Apps, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

Rs 599 Pack (1 Additional Sim Plan)

The Rs 599 Plan is the family pack that offers 1 Additional Sim for Your Family Member. The Plan offers 100GB of Data, Unlimited Local+ STD Calls, Unlimited SMS and a 200Gb Data Rollover. Subscribers will also get Free Subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

Apart from this. you will also get a free subscription to all the Jio apps, including JioCinema, JioSaavn, and Unlimited Caller Tunes.

Rs 799 Family Plan ( 2 Additional Sim)

The Rs 799 Plan is another Family pack that offers 2 Additional Sim cards for your Family Members. This Plan offers 150Gb Data, Unlimited Calls and SMS. Subscribers will also get 200GB Data Roll Over.

Apart from this, Users will also get Free International Roaming, In-Flight Connectivity and OTT Apss Subscription. It’s a great plan for a family which requires Three connections.

Rs 999 Plan (3 Additional Sim)

If you are living in a Family of 4 Then Rs 999 Pack is for you. This plan offers 3 Additional Sim Cards for your Family Members. Like Other Family Plans, this plan also includes Free international Roaming, Unlimited Local + STD Voice Calls, 500Gb Data Roll Over and Unlimited SMS.

This Pack offers 200GB of Data which means all the members will get 50GB each. It’s a great plan for 4 Family Members who have moderate Data Usage.

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Rs 1499 Premium Plan

The Rs 1499 Plan is currently the Most premium Jio PostpaidPlus Plan. It’s the best plan for subscribers who often travel to USA and UAS as this plan offers Unlimited Data and Voice in USA & UAE. Apart from this, this plan offers 300GB of Data with a 500GB Data Rollover, Unlimited Voice Calls and SMS.

Subscribers will also get other PostpaidPlus benefits like OTT Apps Subscription, Free Roaming, In-Flight Connectivity and much more. There is no additional Sim Card connection in this plan.

That’s it in this post on Jio 5G Postpaid Plans in 2023. The company is also offering free delivery and Easy Port Service for users looking to buy a new postpaid connection. Also if you want to port your number to Jio Prepaid Number to Postpaid then you can also visit JioPostpaid Delivery Page for more information. If you have any doubts/Suggestions then write them down in the below comment section.

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  • Jio post paid plus – comes with strings attached like deposit amount (refundable), Netflix MOBILE version only and that means, a subscriber of Netflix can’t watch the content on TV or FireStick. More over, just like other operators, the freebies like Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar + are only for one year. What happens from the second year onwards?


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