Airtel Customer Care Phone Number in 2023

Airtel Customer Care Phone Number: Are you tired of that long wait while trying to join Airtel Customer Care Executive, then this post is for you.

When we try to register a complaint or talk with a customer service executive to resolve a problem. IVR takes a lot of our precious time in stating the latest offers, self-choices, settings, language preferences, etc.

While many users want to talk directly to the customer care executive to solve their problem instead of listening to the IVR.

If you are one of them, then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about the simple steps through which one can easily connect to the Airtel Customer Care Phone Number to talk directly with the executive.

Also note that this post will only work on the Airtel Network, if you are using another network, you can see the same post for other networks posted on the MyGadgetReviewer website

Services offered by Airtel in India:

  • Airtel Broadband
  • DTH Service
  • Landline
  • Payments Bank
  • Mobile Calling and internet (Postpaid and Prepaid)
  • Wynk Music Service
  • Airtel live Tv (Movies, Videos, Live Tv etc)

Airtel has fixed the customer care number i.e. 121, which is applicable for all the services currently provided by the company. If you want to speak directly to the Airtel Customer Care executive related to any of Airtel’s services then you should follow the 121 or 198 number trick included in this post.

In addition, there are other methods included in this post that are applicable to a particular service, which is already described in the methods below. Whereas the 121 or 198 number trick is applicable for all services provided by Airtel.

If you get connected to another department, in such a case you can request the executive to connect your call to the department where you need help.

Airtel Customer Care Phone Number to Call Executive Directly

When we try to reach Airtel Customer Care, it becomes a very annoying and time-consuming process, because no one has enough time to listen to their new offer and check the overall consumption.

A user simply dials a customer care number for a Solution or help while IVR (Interactive Voice Response) annoys the user by stating the latest offers, data consumption, validity and more.

As there is no specific key to skip the IVR. Such type of Customer care service really disappoints the User.

121 Toll-Free Number

The 121 is the toll-free number to connect with Customer Care. Here is the method through which you can connect with the customer care executive directly. This method is applicable to all the services provided by Airtel such as broadband, DTH, and Mobile Services.

  • Open the dialer of your Mobile phone, and Dial 121 from Your Airtel Number

airtel customer care phone number toll free

  • Now IVR will dictate the services, select the service you are using or need help regarding and press 1 in the dialler

steps to talk with customer care executive for help

  • Just After pressing the 1 you have to press * key, then You can select the internet data options or directly press the 5 key in the dialer

get connected to airtel customer care executive directly

  • To Continue and speak to the airtel customer care executive directly press the 9 Key in your phone dialer

airtel customer care phone number 121 and 198 toll free

  • then you will hear the Tring Tring sound and you will be get connected to the Customer Care Executive.
  • Done, you have directly called the Airtel customer care executive via 121 Airtel customer care number.

During our testing, the 121 Method is 100% working in 2023. If any user is experiencing issues, then please let us know in the comments section.

And if you are already experiencing problems with 121 AirtelCustomer Care Phone Number, such as too much wait time or the call gets disconnected, refer to the other method mentioned in this post

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Specific Customer Care Number

For users who want to connect directly with a customer service executive. We have found out the specific number through which you can talk directly to the Airtel customer service executive to solve the issues.

However, these airtel customer care numbers apply only to the department of a mobile network only. if you need help with any service other than the mobile network, then refer to the 121 method or any other methods mentioned in this post.

For All Circles

The following numbers apply to all users of any circle. Also, keep in mind that if you are a prepaid user then all you have to do is call the number that is applicable to a prepaid connection. Be careful as if you dial any other number, chances are you will get subscribed to any chargeable service. The same condition applies to postpaid users.

  • Airtel Customer Care Phone Number for Prepaid users: 9896098960

  • Airtel Customer Care Phone Number for Postpaid users: 9896012345

The above-mentioned Customer Care Phone Numbers are applicable only for those users who are calling via Airtel Network. If you want to call a customer care executive from any other network to get help for your Airtel number then you have to dial the following Airtel Customer Care Phone Number:

Call Airtel Customer Care Executive from Any Other Network- Number: 9896098960

Customer Care Number According to States

Following are the given phone numbers through which you can get connected to the Airtel customer care executive directly. Please dial the number according to the state you are present at the time of the call.

If you try to call a number which is not applicable to your state. Then there are chances that you will get subscribed to any chargeable service.

  • Chennai Airtel Customer Care Executive Number: 9952434865
  • Haryana Airtel Customer Care Number: 9996034865
  • Punjab Airtel Customer Care Number: 9878434865
  • Kerala Airtel Customer Care Number: 9995834865
  • Mumbai Airtel Customer Care Number Mumbai: 9987234865
  • Delhi-NCR Airtel Customer Care Number Delhi: 9818334865

By using any of the mentioned phone numbers and methods, you will be connected directly to the Airtel Customer Care Executive without any interruption. You can also use the 198 number instead of 121 (varies from time to time).

Also, these numbers change from time to time. And if Airtel makes any change in any of the given Airtel Customer Care Phone Numbers then we will update them.

That’s all in this post of Airtel Customer Care Phone Number. If you are facing any problem in any of the listed methods. So please comment down below. We are coming soon with more latest tips and tricks like this so stay updated.

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