List of Top 5 Best Scooter For Mileage – Fuel Efficient Scooty in India 2024

Best Scooter for Mileage: With increased crowds on buses and metro railways, most of you may be considering purchasing a private vehicle. A scooter is an ideal vehicle for manoeuvring city traffic. The scooter’s lack of a clutch and gear makes it incredibly simple for women to use and is recommended. Scooters are a more practical alternative to motorcycles since they’re equipped with additional space up front for storing your daily supplies and under-seat storage for helmets. When buying a scooter, mileage is the first thing that comes to mind. As we all know, fuel prices continue to rise on a regular basis and a majority of buyers want to know which scooter in India will offer the best mileage in 2024.

List of the Top 5 Best Scooters for Mileage in India 2024

Suzuki Access 125: The Most Fuel-Efficient Scooter

suzuki access 125 price in india specifications and features best mileage scooter

Suzuki is known for its mileage in the Indian two-wheeler market. The Suzuki Access is a popular and well-known product in the scooter market. It’s also one of the oldest and best products launched by Suzuki itself. In fact, it is the most popular two-wheeler in the company, including bikes.

Coming to the engine specifications, it gets a 125 cc engine, which is a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder air-cooled motor with SOHC and a 2-valve system. This engine produces 8.7 ps of power at 7000 rpm and 10.2 nm of torque at 5000 rpm. It has a fuel system and a CVT automatic transmission.

Suzuki Access comes in three variants: drum brake with steel wheels, drum brake with alloy wheels, and top-of-the-line disc brake with alloy wheels. And it is available in six body colour options.

It’s a very stylish scooter, as it gets chrome surround headlamps, a chrome muffler cover, steel fenders, and a steel body. The kerb weight of this scooter is 102 kg, which is the lowest in this segment.

If you are a female rider, then this must be your pick. As it gets the Suzuki Easy Start System. It is also equipped with a digital metre, a push lock system, dual luggage hooks, etc., which makes it a very practical product.

Engine: 125 cc single cylinder, 4-stroke

Power: 8.4 bhp at 7000 rpm and 10.2 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm

Mileage: 64 kmpl

Starting Price: – Rs. 79,400 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Pros of Suzuki Access 125

  • Great Mileage
  • Value for Money Pricing
  • Supreme Ride Quality

Cons of Suzuki Access 125

  • Design and Style
  • Not stable at high speeds

Honda Activa: The Best Mileage Scooter

honda activa 6g price in india specifications and features best mileage scooter in india

The Honda Activa is the most popular scooter in India. In fact, many Indians call a scooter an Activa instead of a scooter. It is the most renowned scooter due to its price, spare parts availability, and Honda trust.

Activa is the company’s most popular product in the Indian market. It’s the number one choice for any consumer in the market. It gets a 109.19-cc 4-stroke fan-cooled engine that produces 8 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and 9nm of torque at 5500 rpm.

As far as features are concerned, it comes with LED headlamps, tubeless tyres, a digital analogue metre with an Eco Speed Indicator, a 4-in-1 lock system, an under-seat mobile charging socket, etc.

It is one of the best scooters if you live in areas where service centres are not available. This scooter is so popular that any local mechanic can service or repair it within a few minutes. For first-time buyers, it is the number one choice.

Engine: 109.19 cc single cylinder, 4-stroke

Power: 8 bhp at 7500 rpm and 9 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm

Mileage: 60 km/l

Starting Price: – Rs. 75,347 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Pros of Activa 6G

  • Ride Quality
  • Easy to ride
  • Value for money
  • Spare Parts Availability

Cons of Activa 6G

  • No Disc Brakes option
  • Old Design

TVS Jupiter

tvs jupiter price in india specifications and features mileage scooter

The TVS Jupiter is the second-most-sold scooter after the Activa. It is well-priced, has a peppy engine, is reliable, and is fuel-efficient. The TVS Jupiter is the best substitute for the Honda Activa, and you will feel hardly any difference while riding the two. The points where TVS Jupiter lags behind Activa are brand TVS and fuel economy. The Activa is capable of delivering 1-2 km/l better fuel efficiency as compared to Jupiter. For a full comparison, check out our comparison post.

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The TVS Jupiter is offered in three editions: ZX, Classic, and the newly launched Grande Series. These editions make it more stylish and give it a much better look. It gets a 109-cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that generates 7.8 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. In fact, its ZX variant offers a disc brake at the front, which is missing in the Activa.

If you are a chrome lover or a retro design lover, then you must check out its Grande variant, which gets chrome mirrors, a retro-looking windscreen, and much more chrome treatment, which looks really upmarket.

Engine: 109 cc single cylinder, 4-stroke

Power: 7.8 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm

Mileage: 56 kmpl

Starting Price: – Rs. 72,190 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Pros of TVS Jupiter

  • Supreme Ride Quality
  • Refined Engine
  • Great performance
  • Good looking

Cons of TVS Jupiter

  • Vibrations while riding
  • Braking performance

TVS Ntorq

tvs ntorq suzuki access 125 price in india specifications and features fuel efficiency

The Ntorq is the latest scooter from TVS. Also, it’s India’s first 3-valve, Bluetooth-connected scooter with a 125 cc engine. It is the best-performing scooter available in the Indian market as of now in this segment. While riding it, you can feel the joy of a 150-cc bike; it’s that supreme and fast. In fact, it doesn’t feel like you are riding a 125-cc scooter.

The TVS Ntorq gets a 12-valve CVTi-Revv engine that produces 9.4 ps of power at 7500 rpm. TVS claims that it can reach speeds of 0–60 km/h in under 9.0 seconds. And a top speed of 95 km/h.

It gets Bluetooth connectivity as well, through which you can find the last parked location, receive call notifications, use navigation assistance, etc. For the full feature list, visit TVS Ntorq’s official website.

Engine: 125 cc single cylinder, 4-stroke, 3-valve

Power: 9.4 ps at 7500 rpm

Mileage: 47 kmpl

Starting Price: – Rs. 84,382 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Pros of TVS Ntorq

  • Best Performance
  • First-in-class features
  • 95Km/hr top speed
  • Styling

Cons TVS Ntorq

  • Not Suitable for female riders
  • Low mileage as compared to the competition

Yamaha Fascino

yamaha fascino price in india specifications and features perdormance test

Yamaha is known for its great styling. And the Yamaha Fascino is the most stylish scooter available on the Indian market as of now. Its next-gen design and body are suitable for both men and women. If you are a college-going student and looking for the best scooter for mileage or good fuel efficiency, then this should be your pick.

Fascino is powered by a 113 cc air-cooled single-cylinder ‘Blue Core’ engine that produces 7 bhp of power at 7,500 rpm and 8.1 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. From the transmission point of view, it gets a CVT. For good braking, it gets disc brakes as well.

As per ARAI, the Yamaha Fascino is capable of delivering up to 66 kmpl. In real-world traffic conditions, if you drive it economically, you can easily achieve a mileage figure of around 40 KMPL.

Engine: 113 cc single cylinder, 4-stroke

Power: 7 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8.1 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm

Mileage: -66 kmpl

Starting Price: – Rs. 78,600 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Pros of Yamaha Fascino

  • Good looking
  • Practical and Great Storage
  • Ride Quality at low speeds

Cons of Yamaha Fascino

  • Performance is not up to Mark
  • Braking is not that great

That’s all for this post on the “Best Scooter for Mileage in India 2024. If you have any questions or suggestions, then write them down in the comment section. Also, keep in mind that every scooter has its own pros and cons; no perfect or best scooter exists to date.

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