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Airtel International Roaming Packs. Are you an Airtel subscriber and planning to go abroad? Then you must be looking to subscribe to the international roaming pack, if yes, then this post is for you. The International Roaming Subscription automatically enables a traveller or a user to receive and make calls when travelling outside the geographical area of the home network.

Airtel has launched several new international roaming packs recently. You can subscribe to any pack according to your usage. And the country you are travelling to. However, the prices of most packs are the same for most countries, only in 2-3 countries like Sri Lanka, roaming prices are cheap and different. In this post, we are going to tell you about ” Airtel International Roaming ” Packs and Details in 2021. We are including all packs that cost the same for most countries. However, you can check the exact price of packs according to the region you are travelling to on the Airtel Roaming Info page.

Airtel International Roaming Packs in 2021 with Full Details international roaming packs forpostpaid and prepaid data and calls balance

649 Basic Pack

Rs. 649 Plan is the most basic and cheapest roaming plan which you can subscribe on your Airtel Connection. The plan offers many 1 Day validity and 500MB Free Data. In addition, you will also get Unlimited Incoming Minutes without any further charge. For Outgoing, the user will get 100 Free Minutes to India and to local outgoing. Moreover, you will also get 100 Free SMS for free by subscribing the Airtel basic international roaming pack. The plan is best suited for those users who are travelling abroad for a very short period of time almost 1-2 Days.

Rs. 755 Airtel Roaming Pack

The 755 Plan is most subscribed and demanded Roaming pack. This pack offers a validity of 5 Days and 1 GB of Data. Rest, it includes all the benefits that you get in Basic Plan like Unlimited Incoming Minutes, 100 Free Minutes to local outgoing and to India and 100 Free SMS. In conclusion, this pack is best suited for those users who are travelling as a tourist and requires very low Data.

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Rs. 799 Roaming Pack

It is the another Airtel International Roaming Pack which you can subscribe if you planning to go abroad approx 1 Month. The validity of this pack is up to 30 Days However this plan does not include any Data Balance. If you need a pack with data balance you have to subscribe to another pack. It offers 100 Free minutes for local outgoing calls, incoming calls and calls to India. This plan is best suited for those users whose stay is long and does not require data as nowadays hotels provide free wifi services.

Rupees 1199 Pack 

It is another pack for those users who are planning to travel abroad for almost a month. This plan is very similar to Rs. 799 pack but it is for those users who require some data. Rest all the benefits are the same as Rs 799 Pack. It offers 00 Free minutes for local outgoing calls, incoming calls and calls to India. This pack is best suited for those users whose stay is for Almost a month and requires very little data for checking WhatsApp, booking cabs etc.

Rs. 3599 Pack

The Rs. 3599 pack is another pack offered by Airtel. The plan is for those users whose consumption is higher as compared to other packs. It offers 3Gb of Data and has a validity of 10 Days. Furthermore, it offers Unlimited Incoming Minutes, 250 mins Free Minutes to India and to local outgoing. Besides calling it also offers 100 Free SMSs. Moreover, This pack is best suited for tourists who require normal data and more calling minutes.

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₹3997 Airtel International Roaming Pack

It is the most high-end and most expensive Pack under Airtel International Roaming. The pack has a validity of up to 30 Days and offers higher minutes and data as compared to other packs. It offers 5GB Data and other benefits include UNLIMITED Incoming Mins, 500 mins Free Mins to India and local outgoing. Besides calling it also includes 100 Free SMSs. In conclusion, This pack is best suited for those users who are travelling for a month and want to make more calls with a sufficient amount of data that lasts up to 30 Days.

The prices and benefits of the above packs can be changed by the company at any time, see the official site of Airtel for exact pricing.

That’s it in this post of Airtel International Roaming and Packs. If you have any doubt/suggestion, write in the comment section below. For More Information regarding Airtel International Roaming please visit Airtel Official Site.

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  1. I am travelling to USA. I will staying there for Two months. I have a Prepaid Airtel pack, I am interested in Airtel International Pack. What would pack you recommend.

  2. I wish to share my experience with Airtel mobile service when roaming internationally.
    I must have used roaming in about 8 countries over the past 10 years. It worked reasonably well, until this trip.

    I bought international roaming for the USA for Rs. 4000 plus taxes. It allowed 5 GB of data and 500 minutes of call (either to Indian phones or local USA phones), and 100 free SMS, as I usually do.

    This time I was frustrated because the internet connection was so slow, that it is not practical to use that for anything except WhatsApp.

    Whatsapp works. Well not as good as it used to work before in USA or India, it is slow but not frustrating.

    Why it does work when other internet websites like google maps are impossibly slow? Beat me! there must be some commercial consideration between Airtel and Whatsapp.

    Phone and SMS worked fine – whether to India or USA.

    In 24 days I have not been able to consume even half a GB of data out of my 5GB quota.

    Now using Google Maps for directions or finding locations of places, and addresses is impossible. – something you need so many times in a day. Making restaurant/hotel reservations – is impractical. Forget airline booking, even checking the flight status.

    I called the helpline – but it was of no real help. They gave some stupid suggestions like restarting your mobile, or taking out the sim and re-insert. Nothing worked. Then they said that you must be in a remote part of the USA, and that is funny because I am in San Francisco, 8 miles from the city center, in the densest population. Besides in 2015, 2016, and 2017 I used the same airtel connection, same number, same city, visiting the same places all over the city.

    Frankly, I have been duped.

    Prakash Alkutkar
    99606 30577


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