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 electric cars in India: As the Petrol and Diesel Prices Increasing in India Day by Day, and Global Warming rising to the Alarming Levels. People are looking forward to Electric Cars. There not so many Electric Cars available in India right now , such that people are going with the Hybrid Cars which are not Fully electric. If you are Looking for Electric Cars in India right now then you are at right place. Here is the List of Cars which available in India and runs on Battery only.

Electric Cars in India

Mahindra E2o Plus

Electric cars in india 2018 with price mahindra e2o plus battery vehicles range features listupcoming electric cars to launch in india delhi 2019 available

Mahindra E2o Plus was launched back in 2016, the car was launched in Three Variants P4, P6 and P8. However, Mahindra has discontinued the P8 Variant in some cities. Now Mahindra E2o Plus is available in 2 Variants and 5 Colour Options. The car name stands for energy to oxygen (e2o). The Mahindra e2o Plus comes with 4 Door which makes it more Practical and comfortable in getting in & out of the car.

Coming to the Engine, Mahindra e2o Plus comes with Electric Motor which generates power of 25 bhp @ 3500 RPM and Torque of 70 Nm @ 1050 RPM. While the Drivetrain is Rear wheel drive. The E2O Plus is available only in Automatic Transmission and the top speed of the car is 85Kmph. The car takes up to 5 Hours to get fully charged, and once it is fully charged, it delivers a range of up to 140Kms. There is a fast-charger option that charges the battery to 90% within 90 minutes, the only downside of the Fast Charger is that it costs Rs 6 lakhs more than the regular price of the car itself.

Talking about Safety, Mahindra e2o pLus lacks in Safety features, Even the P6 Variant which is the top variant lacks the Airbags and ABS Option. If you are looking for a car to travel in City only then Mahindra E2o Plus is a great option. It is more Practical and runs on Battery.

Price: P4: ₹ 7.76 Lakhs Avg. Ex-Showroom

P6: ₹ 8.52 Lakhs Avg. Ex-Showroom

Mahindra e-Verito Electric Sedan

Electric cars in india 2018 with price mahindra e verito variants price plus battery vehicles range features listupcoming electric cars to launch in india delhi 2019 available

Mahindra e-Verito Sedan was launched in June 2016 in India. e-Verito comes in Three Variants E D2, E D4 and Top of the line E D6. The car is currently available in only one Colour option which is Diamond White. The Mahindra e-Verito is the Sedan version of e2o Plus with some improvements and offer more features.

Coming to the Engine, e-verito comes with 72V 3-phase Electric Motor which generates power of 41 bhp @ 3500 rpm and 91nm Torque at 3000 rpm. The car comes with Automatic Transmission only. It delivers the range of 110 km when fully charged and the charging takes almost 8 hours. Also, there is a fast charger option available in top variant E D6 only which takes 90 minutes to charge the battery fully. The Downside is that fast charger costs Rs 6 Lakhs more than the car itself.

Talking about safety, e-Verito gets ABS, Driver Side Airbag and EBD for safety purpose. E-verito is perfect city Family car for the buyers who are looking for Electric Car.

Price: E-D2: ₹ 10.91 Lakhs Avg. Ex-Showroom

E-D4: ₹ 11.14 Lakhs Avg. Ex-Showroom

E-D6: ₹ 11.30 Lakhs Avg. Ex-Showroom

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