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Vi Postpaid Plans: Vodafone Idea has announced Vi as its new identity. With this new name, the company is expecting more customers and providing better services to its users. Also, the company has made some changes in its prepaid and postpaid plans which are attracting many new users. If you are also planning to buy a new mobile connection then this post can be helpful for you. In this post, we will tell you about Vi Postpaid Plans in 2022. There are many advantages of Postpaid connection over Prepaid.

In postpaid, you use the services first and pay for them later. Nowadays many users are preferring postpaid connections over prepaid connections, as there is no need to maintain a talk time balance. In addition, the postpaid connection covers the needs of all your family members under a single plan and you do not have to pay an additional one plan for other family members. The family plan is basically a single subscription plan for family members consisting of the primary member and other members. You also get OTT apps Subscription and Data rollover Benefits with some Postpaid Plans.

Vi Postpaid Plans, Best 4G Data, Unlimited Calls Plan in 2022

Vi Individual Plans

vi postpaid plans in 2020

Rs. 399 Basic Pack

The Rs 399 Plan is the basic postpaid plan from Vi. It is the individual plan (single user plan) which offers 40GB of Data, Unlimited Local + STD Calls, National Roaming and 100 SMS/ Month. The Validity of this plan is on a monthly basis instead of 28 Days which most network providers offer. This plan offers Data Rollover up to 200GB. Rollover limit is basically a limit set by Vi which includes the unused data of the current month, can be used by a user next month. By Subscribing to this pack, Users will also get Vi Movies and Tv subscriptions without any additional charges. It is the best plan for users who have low data usage and requires unlimited calling benefit.

Rs. 499 Plan – Best Value for Money Vi Postpaid Plan

It is one of the best Plans for Normal Users who have moderate data usage to run daily youtube videos, navigation etc. This plan offers 75GB Monthly data, Unlimited Local + STD Calls, National Roaming and 100 SMS per Month. By Subscribing to this Pack, the User will get 2.5GB Approx Daily which is sufficient for browsing, watching Youtube Videos, Using Google Maps etc. Also, subscribers will get a 200Gb Data Roll Over. Apart from this. Users will also get Amazon Prime subscription for 1 year, worth ₹ 1499 and 1-year Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Subscription worth Rs. 499 with this Pack. The 499 Plan is suitable for users who have moderate data consumption, requires unlimited calling and Amazon Prime Membership.

Rs. 699 – Unlimited Data Vi Postpaid Plan

It is the new Plan introduced by the Company. The Rs 699 Plan is the Unlimited Postpaid Plan which offers unlimited Data and Calls. This plan is best for users who have high data consumption and want to stream OTT apps. The Plan offers Unlimited Data, Unlimited Local + STD Calls, Nationa Roaming and 100 SMS per Month. Users will also get Amazon Prime & Hotstar Subscription along with this Plan. (Note: Amazon Prime and Hotstar is a one-time benefit, applicable only if not already availed with any other Postpaid plan)

Rs 1099 Vi Redx Postpaid Plan

The REDX Plan is the premium plan for Users who want premium Service. It is currently the most premium Plan available from any Network in India. By Subscribing to this Plan users will get a bunch of other benefits other than network services. Also, the Company claims redx subscribers will get better speeds as compared to regular subscribers and premium customer care service at Vi Stores.

The Plan offers Unlimited Data, Unlimited Calls, ISD calls to USA & Canada @ 50p/min, UK @ Rs3/min- special rates to 14 countries and 100 SMS per month. Subscribers will also get access to International & Domestic airport lounges at no extra cost – 4 times per year (including 1 International). Apart from this, for entertainment, RedX Plan Users will also get 1 year of Netflix for their TV & Mobile, worth Rs.5988 per year and a 1-year membership to Amazon Prime (Video, Music & Shopping), worth Rs 999. Also if you are a person who travels outside India then you can also avail 7 days International roaming pack worth ₹2999 for free, once a year. It’s a great plan for users who like to stream movies, Videos and requires other premium services.

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Vi Family Connection Packs

vi family postpaid plans details and features how to subscribe

Vi is offering Family Plans for users who want a single Plan for themselves and their family members.  Currently, there are only three family postpaid plans on offer. You can choose the Vi Postpaid Plans for Family according to your usage.

Rs 699 Plan (For 2 Members)

The Rs 699 is the basic multi-connection plan currently on offer by Vi. The Plans offers unlimited Local + STD calls, National Roaming and 3000 SMS/month. Also, the Plan includes 80GB of data per month along with a 200GB Data Roll Over. This Plan includes a subscription to 2 Members-only which are divided into two categories 1) Primary member and 2) other members. The primary member will get 40GB whereas another member will also get 40GB of data per month.

Rs. 999 Plan (For 3 Members)

The Rs 999 Plan offers a subscription to 3 members. This Plan also includes unlimited local + STD calls, National Roaming and 3000 SMS per month. In terms of Data, this plan offers 220GB of data per month from which Primary User will get 140GB of Data and the other two members will get 40GB of Data. the Rs 999 Plan also includes Vi Movies, Tv Subscription, 1-year Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Subscription worth Rs 499 and Amazon Prime subscription for 1 year, worth ₹ 999.

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Rs 1299 Plan (for 5 members)

If you live in a family of more than 4 and want a single connection for 5 members, then a plan of Rs 1299 is for you. The Rs 1299 Plan can be shared between 5 Members and offers 300GB Data Roll Over. Like other plans, this plan also offers Unlimited Calling, National Roaming and 100 SMS per month. It offers 200GB Date per month, primary members will Get 140GB and other Members will get 40GB of Data each. You will also get Amazon Prime and Vi Movies, Tv subscription for free by subscribing to this pack.

1699 RedX Family Plan

Vi has recently introduced the RedX Plan for 3 Connections at Rs 1699. The REDX Family Plan offers Unlimited data, Voice Calls and 3000 SMS per month. Apart from this, Subscribers will also get RedX Plan Benefits including Free access to International & Domestic Airport lounges, 1 Year Netflix Subscription worth Rs 5988, 1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription, Annual Disney+ Hotstar.

2299 RedX Family Plan

2299 is the new RedX plan introduced by the company. This plan offers all the benefits included in the 1699 family redX plan for 5 connections.

That’s it in this post of Vi Postpaid Plans in 2022. The company is also offering free delivery and find my number for users who are looking to buy a new postpaid connection. Also if you want to port your number to Vi Postpaid then you can also visit Vi Official Sim Delivery Page for more information. If you have any doubts/Suggestions then write them down in the below comment section.

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