Vodafone International Roaming i-Roam Pack Price and Details

Vodafone International Roaming. Are you a Vodafone subscriber and planning to go abroad? Then you must be looking to subscribe to the international roaming pack. If yes, then this post is for you. The Voda International Roaming Subscription enables a subscriber or a user to attend, and Make Calls when travelling outside the geographical area of their home network.

Vodafone has introduced a single international roaming pack i.e i-Roam. Free Pack, which is applicable to 80 countries. The pack can be subscribed to on a per-day basis. Also, the customer can choose how many days He/She wants to subscribe to the roaming pack. In this post, we are going to tell you about ” Vodafone International Roaming ” Packs and Details. However, you can check the exact price of packs according to the region you are travelling to on the Vodafone Roaming Info page.

Vodafone International Roaming i-Roam Pack and Standard Rates

i-Roam Pack Roaming Plan

vodafone international roaming unlimited plans and packs unlimited outgoing calls and data

Incoming Calls Free
Outgoing Calls Local+ to India Free
Outgoing International Calls Rs. 35 per Minute
Mobile Data Free
Outgoing SMS Free
Price Rs. 599 For 24Hrs

The i-Roam Pack offers Unlimited Incoming calls at no charge. In addition, it offers free local outgoing calls (calls within the country you are visiting). + Calls to India at no additional charge. Apart from this, the pack also includes free outgoing SMS and free mobile data. However, outgoing international calls are not free. Rs. 35 per Minute will be applicable to outgoing international calls.

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The i-Roam Pack offers Unlimited Incoming Calls.  Also, it offers free Local Outgoing Calls (calls you make within the country you are visiting). + Calls to India without any additional charges. Furthermore, the pack also includes Free Outgoing SMS and Free Mobile Data. However, Outgoing International Calls are not free. Rs. 35 per will be applicable to make outgoing International Calls. The pack can be subscribed for 24 hours and customers have to pay for the day they use it.

The i-Roam Pack is applicable for 80 countries at the same price. For countries, and related information visits the company’s official website. This pack is suitable for users who need a lot of data, receive and make multiple calls. The main advantage of this pack is that it can be subscribed to at any time for 24 hours. If you don’t need a lot of data and calls, you can subscribe to standard rates service without a pack.

Standard Rates without Pack

Users who do not receive, make too many calls and do not require too much data, can activate Vodafone International Roaming Service for just Rs.149 / month and enjoy such benefits. :

  • Free Incoming SMS anywhere in the world – Get your bank alerts & OTP
  •  Toll-free customer care for any assistance abroad
  • Standard International roaming charges will apply

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The cost of this service is also similar in more than 80 countries. After activating this service, standard rates will be applied to receive and receive incoming and outgoing calls.

Standard Rates

Incoming Calls Rs 70/min
Outgoing Local Rs 70/min
Outgoing International Rs 140/min
Outgoing SMS Rs 15/sms
Mobile Internet Rs. 5.5/10 kb

That’s all in this post on Vodafone International Roaming Packs. If you have any doubts/suggestions, write in the comment section below. For More Information regarding Vodafone International Roaming please visit Vodafone Official Site.

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One thought on “Vodafone International Roaming i-Roam Pack Price and Details

  • I’ve been using Vodafone International Roaming on a 3 month trip to USA. It has been absolute sh*t.
    Fails to automatically connect to network. After it has been set up manually, it constantly drops out – this happened in three different cities. Voicemail cannot be collected using standard 121 number. $5 a day is only paid if the phone is used for sending or receiving a call or text. On any day I didn’t use the phone, Vodafone sent me a “Welcome to the USA” text – ensuring that they got their $5 that day. It’s hard to imagine a worse product. I will be switching to another provider and getting a dual sim phone for overseas travel as soon as I return to Australia.


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