WhatsApp alternatives: 3 secure messaging apps you can try

Ever since WhatsApp has released an update related to its privacy policy, many people have been apprehensive about their privacy. Users fear that WhatsApp may now misuse all their data by sending it to their parent company Facebook and this new policy will make their personal data insecure. Now many users want to move from WhatsApp to another application for chatting purposes. If you too are concerned about privacy, then this post can be very helpful for you. In this post, we will tell you about 3 Best WhatsApp Alternatives, which you can use without any interruptions. Many users send important documents related to their office or business through WhatsApp. We highly recommend such people to move to any of these apps to maintain their privacy.

Top 3 Best WhatsApp Alternatives you can try


what is signal ?  is it better than whatsapp

The Signal app has become quite popular since this privacy policy has updated. In the last few days, its name has also been included in the top free apps of Google Play Store. Not only this, Worlds Richest Person Elon Musk and Paytm Founder also use the signal app. It is very easy to use application which is offering almost all the features of as WhatsApp like read receipts, dark mode, group calls etc.

The company believes that they do not collect any information other than phone numbers and contact information. So at the moment, it is very secure in terms of privacy. In this platform, all your chats are also encrypted end to end, so you do not need to bother about privacy at present. One feature that makes it different from WhatsApp is its multi-device support. You can log in to your account by installing the Signal app on any of your secondary devices.

Telegram – Feature-Rich WhatsApp Alternatives

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Telegram is another popular application available on both Android and iOS platforms that you can use as a WhatsApp Alternative. Following the update of WhatsApp’s privacy policy, many users have started using this application. Though this application is slightly different from WhatsApp, after using it for a few days you will start liking it. You can also send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. The main highlight of Telegram is that it is a cloud service which means data can be synchronised across all registered devices such that users can access their data from any device.

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Viber is one of the most popular is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application available on Google Play and App Store. It remains No 1 Choice of some users over the WhatsApp. Earlier, it was a well-known WhatsApp competitor But its popularity declined as more features were added to WhatsApp. Since the change in the privacy policy, it has gained a lot of popularity, seeing that many people are installing this app and also liking it a lot. This application is very easy to use, and its UI is also similar to WhatsApp. In addition, the exchange of messages on Viber also leads to end-to-end encryption. Like WhatsApp, all your Viber chat backups stores in Google Drive.

That’s it in this post of Best Whatsapp Alternatives available for Android & iPhone. If you are facing issues while using any of the apps then please comment down below. All these three apps are 100% Safe and Secure.

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