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How to Check Amazon Price History

Amazon Price History – Amazon is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms that offers a wide range of products and services. Shop electronics, clothing, books, household items, digital media, and more within a few clicks. It offers a convenient and seamless shopping experience to customers worldwide. Customers get the best offers and discounts through its website and mobile app during festive offers sales and coupon discounts from sellers.  To get the best deals and offers, the company also runs daily deals, month-end sales etc. During special sales events, festive offers, and coupon discounts from sellers, customers can enjoy the best deals and discounts, ensuring worthy savings on their purchases.

However, with e-commerce platforms frequently adjusting product prices, it is challenging for consumers to analyse the best available price for a particular item. To solve this issue, Amazon price history tools can be used. These tools enable customers to track the pricing trends of products over time. This helps them in making the best purchasing decisions.

For instance, if a SmartTV was initially priced at 30,000 outside of festive deals, but during a festive sale, it becomes available for purchase at 25,000. Resulting, customers can easily recognize they are saving 5,000 by buying the product during the festive sale. Monitoring Amazon’s price history is essential for savvy online shoppers looking to maximize their savings and get the best value for their money. There are many tools available through which you can monitor prices which are as follows.

How To Check Amazon Price History – Amazon Price Tracker

Through Keepa

track amazon price history from keepa

Keepa is one of the most popular web tool services that allows users to track the prices of products sold on Amazon worldwide. using this tool you can easily check Amazon’s Price History worldwide. Moreover, it also allows users to use it as an Amazon Price Tracker in India, America and other countries. Keepa also shows daily product deals and price drops on Amazon allowing users to Find products with the highest drop in price in their favorite product category. Users can also Set up a price watch directly from the product page and Keepa enables them to track any product price and notify them once the product drops below their purchasing best deal price set by them.

There are three ways to use Keepa – Through a Browser Extension, Keepa’s Official Website and by Downloading the Keepa App. Both ways are free to use and show the Amazon product price history. It’s a great tool for online shoppers looking to save money and get the best deals on Amazon.

Track Amazon Price History Through Keepa Extension / App / Site

  • If you are a Google Chrome user then Go to the Chrome Web Store and search “Keepa”. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension.
  • If you are not a Google Chrome user then Go to and Click on the App Button on the top bar menu.
  • Select your Browser (Keepa Extension is available for Opera/Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari).
  • After installing the extension, Visit the Amazon website and go to the product page whose price you want to track.
  • In the product page scroll a bit and you will see a graph displaying the changes in the price of the product over time. You can also track the highest and lowest prices in the past.
  • Go to Google Playstore or Apple App Store and Download the Keepa App.
  • After Installing the app, Launch it and Choose the Language.
  • Now, Select your Amazon Location and tap on Next.
  • Then you will see two options Browse on Amazon and Search for Products.
  • Select Browse on Amazon to open an Amazon store on the keepa app and track Amazon Price history.
  • GO to the product and scroll a bit and you will see a price graph showing the price trend of the product you have selected.
  • First of all, launch Amazon on your Web Browser and go to the product page
  • then Go to Keepa’s Official Website.
  • then click on the Search Button on the top header menu.
  • Now, paste the product page URL in the search product text input and click on the search button,
  • A graph will appear showing product prices over time along with the highest and lowest selling prices.

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Through CamelCamelCamel

amazon product old prices and lowest price history

CamelCamelCamel is another great online tool that helps you to track price history on Amazon. It provides information about prices of the products sold worldwide on Amazon, displays the maximum and minimum prices of a particular product, and enables you to understand the best time to purchase a product from Amazon to get the best price and deal. Users also get alerts when prices drop, helping them decide when to buy. To track Amazon’s Price History on CamelCamelCamel perform the following method.

  • Open the Web Browser on your Device and Go to CamelCamelCamel Official Website.
  • After visiting the website, Create an Account or log in if you have already created an account.
  • Now, Enter the product name or simply paste the URL of the Amazon product whose price you are tracking.
  • Then select the right product from the search results.
  • After selection, you will see a graph displaying the price history of the selected product.
  •  You can also view preferred price data by setting the time range and other inputs.

That’s all for this post on How to Track Amazon’s Price History. We hope this article helps you save money and make smarter purchasing decisions while shopping from Amazon.

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