GST impact on Apple iPhones , Price Cuts and much more

GST (Goods and Service Tax) was implemented on July 1 2017 in India, Due to which we have seen many price cuts on smartphones bt many manufacturers like panasonic,asus etc and the manufacturer for which many users were waiting to get price cut is Apple. Well, Apple is most expensive smartphone maker in India as of now. The popularity of Apple iPhones are increasing day by day due to durability and features it offers. Many users were waiting to buy apple iPhones after 1 July because of GST implemention, many users were sure that there will be a price cut in apple devices and they were absolutely right, There is a huge price cuts on selected iPhones:-

The latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus received a price cut of Rs. 6,600, whereas its small brother iPhone 7 gets a price cut of Rs.4,500 . 
Following are the list of models which gets price cuts and new price is also shown below:-   

              Product                       Old Price      New Price   Price cut

         iPhone SE 32GB            27,200        26,000          1,200

         iPhone SE 128GB          37,200        35,000          2,200

         iPhone 6S 32GB            50,000        46,900          3,100
        iPhone 6S 128GB           60,000        55,900          4,100

        iPhone 6S Plus 32GB      60,000       56,100         3,900

        iPhone 6S Plus 128GB    70,000        65,000       5,000

        iPhone 7 32GB                60,000        56,200       4,000

        iPhone 7 128GB              70,000         65,200       4,800

        iPhone 7 256GB              80,000        74,400       5,600

        iPhone 7 Plus 32GB         72,000        67,300       4,700

        iPhone 7 Plus 128GB       82,000        76,200       5,800

        iPhone 7 Plus 256GB       92,000        85,400       6,600

Note- The above prices are official prices by apple, these prices will be found in official apple stores , pricing may not similar to Flipkart, Amazon etc or any retail stores. 

The Apple iPad range also received a price cut of upto Rs. 3,000. MacBook Pro prices are slashed by Rs. 11,000 

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