How to Check or Know My Vodafone Number

How to Check Vodafone Number: If you have purchased a new Vodafone SIM card. Or you do not remember your Vodafone mobile number, then this post may be helpful for you. Nowadays many smartphone buyers use more than one SIM card, and they keep switching SIM cards in their devices and do so many times.

In the case of Same Networks, Sometimes they forget which number’s SIM card they have inserted in their device with an inactive plan. The same happens with the new Voda SIM card buyers, sometimes the mobile number written on the SIM Cover is not clearly printed, due to which the subscriber can’t identify the phone number.

If you also facing such kind of problem then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about ”  How to Check Vodafone Number “. And methods to check your own Mobile Number. We are including four different ways through which you can easily identify the phone number. All these methods are 100% working and only applicable on Voda SIM card.

4 ways on How to Check Vodafone Number in Mobile

Find My Vodafone Number Via USSD Code

This method is applicable to all users, including non-smartphone users.

  • First of all, insert activated Voda Sim Card in Your Mobile Phone and Restart your Device.
  • Now, Launch the dialer app or Phone Dialler on your mobile phone.
  • Then, Dial the USSD Code: *111*2#
  • After Dialing the number, You will receive a popup message on your Mobile Screen from Vodafone containing your Number.
  • Note Down the Number and that’s it, you have successfully Checked Your Own Vodafone Number.

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Check Vodafone Sim Phone Number via App

The application method is only for smartphone users. If you are a non-smartphone user, please refer to the USSD or IVR method.

  • First of all download MyVodafone App for Android from Here and ios from Here.
  • After installing the App, launch the application and tap login via Sim Card.
  • After logging in, Go to Home Page by tapping the Home icon placed at the bottom section.
  • In the Home Page, At the top, you will see your Voda Number, recharge details, data balance, validity etc. Related information.

how to check vodafone number using ussd code and my voda app

  • Done You have successfully found your Voda Sim phone Number through MyVodafone App.

Know My Phone Number via IVR 

  • Launch the dialer app or Open Phone Dialler on your mobile phone.
  • Then, Dial Customer Care Number: 199
  • After Dialing the number, You will get connected to Vodafone Customer Care.
  • Select the Mobile Services and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Then IVR will give you all the information like your plan validity, Plan details and also mention your Mobile Number. or you can also talk to Voda  Customer care executive and they will help you in identifying your mobile number.
  • Note Down the Number and that’s it. You have successfully learned How to Check Vodafone Number through Customer Support.

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Know Voda Number from Other Network

If you want to check Voda number from another number then this method is for you. Through this method, you will be able to connect with Vodafone Customer Care when you make a call from any network other than Voda. Please keep the SIM cover with you and share the information on the SIM cover while talking to the CUstomer care executive.

  • Open the dialer app or Phone Dialler on your device.
  • Then, Dial Voda CC Number: 9719097190 (Chargeable)
  • After Dialing the number, You will get connected to Vodafone Customer Care Executive.
  • Select the “Talk to Customer Care Executive” option in IVR.
  • Share the information mentioned on your New Voda SIM cover with the executive.
  • Then, the executive will verify the details and tell you the phone number.
  • This is it, you have successfully known your Voda number from another number.

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That’s it in this post of How to Check Vodafone Number. If you are facing any issues. Or having Doubts related any of the related methods regarding Voda Number. Then please comment down your issues/doubts in the below comment section. We are coming soon with more latest tips and tricks like this, so stay updated.

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