How to Become Beta Tester For WhatsApp

Beta Tester For WhatsApp:  If you are Tech Geek then You may have heard of beta testing of apps and software. Beta testing is a phase in which a small group of the interested audience. Tries out the beta version of the software. Or an application. To detect hidden bugs or problems before the official rollout to the normal audience.

The beta version refers to an upcoming update to an application or software. Which consists of the new features and improvements to the running version. Unlike some other applications, WhatsApp also gives it’s beta testers access to its upcoming new features before rolling out the official release. Before being a Beta Tester for Whatsapp. You have to Join Google beta Program. Which not only lets you test Beta version of Whatsapp but give access to test hundreds of applications Beta Versions. However, this feature is available only for Android users as of now.

If you are one of those who can’t keep calm to experience new update before anyone else. And want to join the Beta Testing Group of Whatsapp then this post is for You. In this post, we are going to tell you about how to become Beta Tester For Whatsapp to get new Features before official public rollout. It is a very easy method which doesn’t require any permission from Whatsapp officials. Within a few seconds of applying Beta tester for Whatsapp, you can use Whatsapp Beta Version.

Beta Tester for Whatsapp To Access New Version and Features

Via Browser Method

This is the easiest way to test the WhatsApp beta version. To do this method you will need to install a web browser with the same Google ID in your device through which you are logged in the Google Play Store in your Android Smartphone.

  • First of all download the Whatsapp Messenger in your Smartphone from google play store or via this link (In case you have not installed Whatsapp in your Smartphone yet).
  • Take a backup of your Whatsapp Account.
  • Now open this link via your Device/PC Web Browser to register yourself in the WhatsApp Beta testing program. Before performing this step make sure that you’re signed in to your Google Account (in Browser), which is also your device’s primary Google Account.
  • Then, you will see that the official website of WhatsApp has opened in your web browser with the blue button placed at the bottom stating “Become A Tester”, Tap on it.

how to become tester for whatsapp beta version

  • After tapping the Become a Tester button. You will see a text replacing that option with “You are now a Tester”.

beta version new features and details

  • Done You have successfully completed Beta Tester For Whatsapp Tutorial.

Via Google Play Store Method

This is another method to install Whatsapp beta version using Google Play Store method. However this method works only on the selected device, if your Android device is not supporting this method then you have to follow the above-mentioned method i.e Via browser Method.

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  • Open Google Play Store in your Android Smartphone
  • After opening the Play Store, Search for Whatsapp messenger.
  • Then tap on the official Whatsapp page in google play store and scroll down the app description section.
  • At the bottom, you will see “Become a Tester Option” Tap on it.
  • Then a popup will appear stating “Are You Sure You want to Join beta Version” Tap Confirm on it.
  • Done you have successfully opt for Beta Tester For Whatsapp.

How to Check You are Beta Tester for Whatsapp

To Confirm you are using Whatsapp Beta Version you have to follow the following steps.

  • Go to Google Playstore installed in your Android Device.
  • In the Google Play Store Search bar, Search Whatsapp messenger or Tap on installed apps and games under the menu section.

how to download and install whatsapp beta version from google play store

  • Now open the official Whatsapp Download Page and you will see Beta Suffix with Brackets. If the Beta Suffix is present then you are Beta Tester else follow the installation method again.

Pros of Whatsapp Beta Tester

  • New features Before Normal Users and official Roll Out.
  • More Frequent Regular updates to Beta Users.
  • Report Issues (on top priority)

Cons of Beta Tester

  • frequent and  unexpected App Crashes
  • Bugs issues

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How to Leave the Whatsapp Beta Testing Program

If you are facing issues or not compatible with Whatsapp beta Version Cons after opting Beta tester Program. No problem, You can easily leave the beta Tester program whenever you want. You can easily revert back to the stable version of Whatsapp without losing any data.

  • Open this link in your Web Browser (Keep in mind that you signed in with the same account from which you have opted for this program)

how to leave whatsapp beta testing program

  • Then you will see google play official site opened in your browser with “Leave the program option” at the bottom.
  • Tap On the leave the Program Option.

leave google play beta testing

  • Then you will see the option will be replaced with “You Left the Test” Text.
  • After that, Open your Whatsapp and take Backup
  • After taking backup, Uninstall the App and Re-install the Whatsapp app to ensure you are using stable version.
  • Done, You have successfully left Whatsapp Beta Testing.

That’s it in this post of Beta Tester for Whatsapp. If you are facing any issues related to Whatsapp Beta Testing then comment down your queries in the below comment section. All the Methods included in this post are tested by our team and you can perform in your device without any issue. Weare coming up with more tips and tricks like this so stay connected.

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