Airtel Emergency Data, Talktime Credit Loan Number and USSD Code

Loan Number for Airtel Emergency Data and Talktime Balance: It often happens that we forget the date of recharge validity of our Airtel mobile and our balance expires. Due to which we are unable to make calls and use the internet. If this happens to you too, then this post can be helpful for you. If you are out of the house after the balance or recharge ends, and you do not have any recharge store available. Or you are unable to recharge due to being late at night. If you need emergency call balance or internet data at such a time. For this, Airtel has provided emergency calling balance and data loan service for its customers.

By availing this service, Airtel customers can get limited data or calling credit on their number by calling the company’s emergency balance number or dialling the USSD code. After several hours, customers have to recharge their number to return the credit, which company automatically deducts from the available balance. Now let’s see How to get emergency balance and data Loan from Airtel. Keep in mind that you should use this service only in emergencies.

Loan Number for Airtel Emergency Talktime Balance and Data Credit

Terms and Condition

  • This service will be activated only if your Airtel balance is less than Rs 5.
  • Your Airtel number must be active for a minimum of 90 days otherwise your number will not be eligible.
  • Airtel will charge a small interest amount for this service.
  • The Credit balance will automatically deduct from recharge or available balance in your Airtel Account.

Using Ussd Code Method

The USSD code is a fixed number from the Airtel network provider. By dialling this number you will emergency calling or data balance and confirmation in the form of popup message from the Airtel. There is various USSD code by for taking emergency credit from Airtel. Following are the steps on How To Get Emergency Data and Talktime Balance using USSD Code.

USSD Code for Airtel Talktime Credit Loan

Open the dialer app on your mobile phone and dial *141*10# or *121*7#  or *141# from your Airtel number. Then you have to confirm the request. After confirmation you will get a popup message from Airtel Officials stating your Number is credit with Rs. 10 Credit Balance. You will also get total data balance or net usage related information.

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USSD Code for Airtel Emergency Data Loan

Open the dialer app on your mobile phone and dial*141*567# from your Airtel number. Then you will get a popup message from Airtel Official requesting for 2G/3G/4G Data Balance you need. Then Confirm the Request. After a few seconds, You will receive SMS from Airtel that you Data is successfully credit to your account.

(Keep in mind that the above USSD code only applies to Airtel network only. Do not try this code on any other network as there is a possibility that you will be subscribed to another chargeable service).

Using Loan Number or Helpline

Data and Talktime Emergency Credit Loan Number for Airtel

  • Launch the dialer app or Open Phone Dialler on your mobile phone.
  • Then, Dial Airtel Service Number: 52141 
  • After Dialing the number, You will get connected to Airtel Emergency Balance Service.
  • Now Select Get Data or Talktime Balance and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Then IVR will request confirmation. Confirm the Service Request by following the instructions.
  • Done. You have successfully learned How to Get Emergency Talktime Balance or Data from Airtel.

That’s it in this post of How to Get Loan from Airtel If you are facing any issues. Or having Doubts related any of the related methods regarding Airtel or any other Network. Then please comment down your issues/doubts in the below comment section. We are coming soon with more latest tips and tricks like this, so stay updated.

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