Whatsapp Upcoming Feature Will Enable Users To Share any type of Files

Whatsapp is one of the mostly used application used by users in their smartphone as it enables users to chat,voice calling and video calling as well at no cost.It also allows users to send photos,videos,audio clips,contact sharing and some very less document types but now many users problems will get solved as whatsapp is adding new feature in the application which will enable user to send any type of file like  Powerpoint slides, PDFs, Word Document, Spreadsheets,txt files,png files,html files etc which will help users to share every type of will to another user very quickly through one Application. Another Great thing about this update is that ,it will allow android users to share files upto 100MB and ios users can share files upto 126MB. This limit is setted up because bigger size Files might crash the servers. Well This feature will help users to stay dependent on only one application for sharing of files and this will also enable users to recieve files very fastly and through whatsapp a user can  dowload any type of file very easily as well.

 We are seeing contiouns changes in whatsapp application since it gets own by facebook. We are expecting much better changes on WhatsApp Application in future too which will help user to use it much easier and user will also get much better experience.
Another Update about WhatsApp application is that , it expanded the supporting period till the year 2020 to the devices which are still on older versions of Operating System but users who are using devices with Android 2.3 or older vesrsions will not be able to use whatsapp in their devices till long period.

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