Tata Harrier Service Cost, Maintenance Schedule and Details

Tata Harrier Service Schedule and Maintenance Cost: Tata has launched its new SUV Tata Harrier a few Weeks ago in India. It is one of the best and most value for money SUV available in India right now.

The Tata Harrier is the best highway and off-roader in this segment. It competes with MG Hector, Jeep Compass, Kia Sletos etc Cars in India.

Tata Harrier is based on a land rover discovery platform which is very stable on highways and very strong in terms of build quality. If you are planning to buy Tata Harrier and want to know about Tata Harrier Service Cost and maintenance details then this post is for you.

In this post, we are going to tell you about Tata harrier Service Cost, Schedule and Maintenance details.

It is true that the Tata is making great Cars now but still the Service Support of Tata is not that great as the other Manufacturers in this segment.

After the launch of MG Hector in India, Sales number of Tata Harrier has declined. the reason behind this is tata service, not the MG Hector product itself both are almost similar.

However, in our report, we have visited the Tata Service centre with our tata Harrier and get the amazing Service Experience from the tata Service Station. Such that We can say that the Service Quality of Tata Service Stations is getting better day by day.

We can say that you can go with Tata Harrier with eyes closed as the product itself is great value for money and service is also not an issue,

Tata Harrier Service Schedule

  1. First Service – The first service must be done after driving the Car for 5100 Kms or 3 Months. In the First service, Tata will do General Inspection of the car only.
  2. Second Service – The second service must be done after driving the Car for 10500 Kms or 6 Month. In this service, the Tata service centre will do General Inspection, Wash the Car and check Tyre ALignment, Balancing and Rotation
  3. Third Service – The third service must be done after driving the Car for 19500 Kms or 12 Months – In the third service, Tata will change First Engine Oil of Car.

After completing the First Three services, then you have to take your car for Service after every 12 Months or 20000kms whichever comes first- MyCarReviewer.

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tata harrier service review and cost

Tata Harrier Service Component Service Schedule
Oil & Fluid Replacement
Harrier Engine Oil (15W-40) 7.5 Litre 21000 km or 12 month
Tata Brake Fluid – Dot 4 41000 km or 24 month
Tata Gear Oil (Transmission Oil – Manual) 75W90 – 3.25 Litre First at 40.5K Kms then every 90.5K Kms. No need to change Gear Oil in Automatic
Tata Harrier Engine Coolant 9 Litre (40:60) 62000 km or 36 Month
Tata Harrier Power Steering Oil – 1.6 Litre 1 Lakh Km or 36 Month
Harrier Axle Oil (in 4×4 Wheel Drive) 81000 Km or 48 Month
Tyres Every 25000Kms
Oil Filter 20500 Km or 12 month
AC Pollen Filter 20500 Km or 12 month
Pre Sediment Fuel Filter Cartridge 20500 Km or 12 month
Air Filter 41000 Km or 24 Month
Fuel Filter 61000 Km or 36 Month
n/a n/a
Tyres, Belt
Alignment, Balancing 20000 Kms
Tyre Rotation 10000 Kms
Timing Belt, Tensioner Belt Every 1.5 Lakh Kms

Tata Harrier Service Cost and Maintenance

Prices of All Filters and Oils

Air Filter 900
oil Filter 300
Fuel Filter 2200
Brake and clutch oil 350
Engine Oil 2550


Total 2nd Service

Rs. 2900(Approx)

3rd Service

Rs. 2800(approx)

4th Service

Rs. 8100(approx)

5th Service

Rs. 5000(approx)

Km 5000km 10000km 20000km 30000km
Month 6 12 18 24
Free/Paid Free Free  1st Paid 2nd Paid

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Total 6th Service

Rs. 6000(approx)

7th Service

Rs. 4700(approx)

8th Service

Rs. 4600

9th Service

Rs. 8000(approx)

Km 40000km 45000 55000km 70000km
Month 36 42 48 56
Paid 3rd Paid 4th Paid 5th Paid 6th Paid

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If you are a Tata Harrier Owner, Please provide your feedback regarding the Tata harrier Service in Comment section Below.  In short, the overall service cost of Tata harrier is value for money and the Cars in the same segment Like Jeep Compass,  MG Hector is giving tough competition to Tata Harrier.

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